About Me

My name is Stephanie, I'm 23 years old- join me as I stumble into the messy world of family life. In the past few years myself and my partner Jack have set up and moved into our first real home, and experienced the birth of our first child; our beautiful Isla Grace.

I'll be writing about my attempts at being a home-maker and mother, my even grander attempts at being a good responsible adult, and my interests, thoughts and preoccupations.

Myself, Jack and Isla- 2 days old.

Some facts about me:

- I studied childcare in college and despite all the studying and practice, I feel like I've been thrown right into the deep end of parenting and I'm having to learn all over again!

- One of my favourite things is Harry Potter; the books, movies, merchandise, fan base and pretty much everything to do with it! I was raised on it and the obsession has never gone away. I hope I can pass on the passion to my daughter when she is older.

- I have a huge love for animals; owls, cats, sloths, penguins to name a few favourites. My parents have a lot of livestock on their land and I've always been bought up with pets. Right now my only pet is a very tame and very lazy and overweight Syrian hamster called Buddy. 

- I'm only 5ft2. There's not much I can say about this except I'm sure it runs in my side of the family; unfortunately Jack is 6ft2 and his side of the family are all tall so there is a high chance that Isla will be bigger than me when she is older. At least she can reach things for me...!

- I have five tattoos and used to have quite a few piercings- now I'm not pregnant I can finally wear my stomach piercing but it looks different now that everything down there hangs differently. I can't wait to tone up and get my figure back!

You'll learn a lot more about me as you follow me, so get comfy and get reading :) 
Steph xo