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Summer is here! At last! Woo!

Although I've still got an umbrella and a raincoat for Isla shoved in the bottom of my changing bag...this is England after all!

Summer being here means lots of trips to the beautiful local park, family BBQs in the sun and one very exciting trip to Wicksteed Park for us this weekend.

It means ice creams, lots of refreshing drinks, flip flops and of course- picnics!

Isla was born in the heatwave last May and with her being a newborn with that super sensitive newborn skin, we didn't spend a lot of time outside in the heat. Then winter hit and that seemed to last forever. Now it's summer again we're loving spending as much time outdoors as we can and she's loving it!

Here are some of our #summermoments so far!

Getting messy with jelly at Nanny & Grandads BBQ!

Refreshing herself after a busy day at Bedford River Festival!

Family picnic at Wicksteed Park! Win the blanket and cooler below!

Looks fun right? Nothing beats an impromptu picnic- and even if there isn't much food your little one will enjoy, you can always grab something in the baby aisle to pop in the bottom of a cooler.

We've been working with HiPP Organic for the better part of the year now, and they know mums and dad are always super busy (so it isn't always easy to get up and outdoors for something like a picnic!) so it’s good to know that HiPP Organic has a wide range of organic-tray meals for little one's aged 12 months plus.

Plus, HiPP work hand in hand with nature, encouraging wildlife onto their farmland to act as natural pest control, allowing their produce to grow as naturally as possible without harmful pesticides. Isla can enjoy nature while ensuring she's doing her bit to look after it.

If you'd like the chance to win some fun summer goodies including a selection from the HiPP Organic range, a picnic blanket and a fab cooler just fill in the form below!

Be sure to use the hashtag #summermoments when sharing photos!

HiPP #Summermoments Giveaway!

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  1. we had a lovely week away by the sea last week, it was my little girl's first holiday & trip to the beach. I was shocked at how much she loved the sand & splashing in the sea, much braver than my boys when they were young! #summermoments

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