An honest guide to changing a toddlers nappy.

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Oh the days when Isla was a sweet tiny baby who simply cooed at me and laid gently on her changing table during nappy changes.

This post is an ode to our brand new carpet, clean hands and happy baby during bum changes.

Times change when your toddler decides they would much rather be free as the day they were born. 

No mummy, a nappy is not necessary anymore.

1. Inform toddler that you think they need that botty changing. Hear a "No" in return as they suddenly realise how desperate they are to play with anything on the opposite side of the room. Escape number one.

2. Ask toddler nicely to come and lie down and collect your supplies.

3. Ask again.

4. TELL them to come and lie down.

5. Wrestle the toddler down to the ground and politely ask them if they'd like to help by holding something.

6. Duck, as that something is thrown right back at you.

7. Unbutton, unfasten and rip their way too complicated to be counted as cute bottoms off of them.

8. Toddler rolls over and stands up- escape number two.

9. Once re-positioned, get that nappy off as quickly as possible while ensuring their hands are occupied- why are they so desperate to grab that poopy nappy from underneath themselves?!

10. Reach for wet wipes. Fumble with awkward stick down lid. Toddler rolls over and attempts to crawl away. Escape number three.

11. Frantically wipe while they wiggle. Forget that gentle pat down you once gave your newborn- your new carpet/changing mat are at stake here!

12. Open Sudocrem pot. Toddler sticks hand in Sudoecrem pot. Sorry carpet. 

(We've made the switch to the Sudeocrem Care & Protect tubes! They're cleaner and easier to use, and offer the same protection as a protective barrier cream.)

13. Attempt to wrestle toddler into a new nappy while they do their best impression of a kangaroo with their legs. Loose straps?! Good enough!

14. Forget the trousers. The trousers are not important anymore. 

15. Toddler will probably choose to poop as soon as they are clean. Repeat step one.

Seriously though, the point of this post is to say that their are a few ways you can keep both your floors and sanity the way they should be- clean and happy!

We recently switched to Asda Little Angles- First Pants. At first I was reluctant, as I thought they were only really suited for toddlers moving into potty training and I didn't think they would hold as much overnight as a normal nappy. 

Since trying them, our nappy dance has greatly improved. Isla can stay standing up (as long as it isn't a huge cleanup) and occupied with a toy or book, and then we simply pull another one up and let her waddle off to whatever she was doing before. They have even held out overnight and we've made a permanent switch to them.

We've also found ourselves saved when changing somewhere challenging- I've been to venues without baby changing facilities and had to lay her on a jacket on the floor, so not clean! Now she can just stand up and we're done in seconds.

For older kids the fun comes in with the cartoon logos (who doesn't love a bit more Peppa Pig in their lives?).

Disclaimer: We received samples of Asda Little Angels: First Pants and Sudeocrem Care & Protect in exchange for this post. We honestly love using them both. All words and opinions are my own, as well as photos. 

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