When Your Kid Wont Craft!

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Pinterest. It's so inspirational! I love looking at the kiddy crafting boards and seeing all the wonderful creations those mini Picasso's have produced..

Play dough footprints, painted hands pressed delicately onto a Christmas Bauble, or a well interpreted splat of paint on paper- "It's a cat I'm sure! My child is a genius!"

It really gets my creative juices flowing, so for fathers day last month, I decided we were going to craft a wonderful present for daddy- something beautiful he could treasure forever!

Now, my little girl Isla... She likes what she likes. Just like any other one year old right? But I figured this would be just the type of messy interactive sensory play (parenting book writers, give me an A+!) suitable for her age and would save me some money gift wise.

I scoured the shops for some non toxic baby friendly paint that wouldn't stain her, or make her vomit on the gift should she choose to eat it. I found a lovely pack of brushes in Poundland that included chunky sponges on sticks for her to dab away and make some lovely cloudy affects. Adorable!

Next, i made the decision to buy a cheap wipe clean mat to go on the floor (we were planning on using the highchair to avoid her crawling off with paint fingers!)- not that i'd need it though, minimal paint on the tray would mean minimal splashing and she is so over throwing things off the highchair at dinner, so this shouldn't be any different? Right?

Finally, I bought a nice wooden photo frame with a heart cut out, perfect for a nice photo of Daddy and Isla.

I'm a bloody amazing parent. Do they do parenting Oscars? Sign her up for the National Gallery.

But what if your kid won't craft.

It all started well. Isla dabbed her sponge in the paint and I gently guided her hand to the frame to show her what to do. 

"Look Isla! So Pretty!" I exclaimed proudly. Enthusiastically. All the books say positive reinforcement is the way to go.

She grinned and blinked those pretty blue eyes up at me. What an angel. Then she dipped her fingers in the paint. This was the sensory part! 

"This activity is going to make her brain  SUPER smart!" I thought as she put her hands delicately on the frame- she'd obviously already got the hang of it!

Then she smeared. She smeared her hands all over the frame in one colour- I grabbed one of her wrists and encouraged her to use all the colours. She smeared more. The idea of tiny fingerprints went out the window, but you can't hold back a creative genius right?

I snapped a quick photo. For proof. 

She picked up the frame. She threw the frame. She threw the brushes. She threw the paper I had laid on her highchair try ease the clean up. 

The high chair is for food. It is where mummy brings food. paint is not food.


It took me 30 minutes of careful undressing, avoiding new carpets and forcing her to let me wipe her face with the evil-face-wiper flannel in the bath to change her from smurf to baby again.

Snot and tears ran tracks in her new green face mask. The water turned cloudy. I wondered if her ears would be blue forever.

My kid hates crafting. Piss of Pinterest.

All jokes aside, with a lot of guidance from mummy it turned out lovely!

This post was written for comedy purposes, all events are true, no babies or carpets were harmed in the making of this post. 

Have you had any crafting disasters? Let me know!

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  1. Ha ha! This is the bane of my life. My boy hates painting and drawing - he will stick things on things if he must but he's not interested. I had all these fantasies of awesome art projects :(

    1. I'm sure Isla will come around. I think I was trying too hard to get involved and I've learnt my lesson not to do this kind of thing in the high chair as she's SURE she's going to get fed whenever she is in it! It'll come with age I guess! :D thanks for reading xx

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