Becoming The Toddler: 15 reasons my daughter cried.

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My daughter is 13 months old. Everyone says she is an angel. hahahahaha.

Toddler tantrums shouldn't get here till she's closer to two, right?


15 Reasons my Daughter Cried Recently.

1. She did not want to get undressed.

2. She did not want to get dressed again.

3. Mummy had a turn throwing her bouncy ball.

4. Mummy wouldn't throw the bouncy ball.

5. Daddy wouldn't let her eat the two cookies she stole from the packet.

6. Mummy took the tin foil out of her mouth.

7. Her walker was facing the wrong way and tipped over.

8. Mummy tried to fix the walker for her.

9. We wouldn't let her choke on bread.

10. Daddy had to go in the kitchen.

11. Daddy had to use the toilet alone.

12. Daddy didn't need his shoes untying.

13. Mummy didn't want to read "Foxes Socks" 9 times in a row.

14. She thought mummy had something in her hand and wanted to share the imaginary thing.

15. Mummy wanted to paint in the highchair, but that meant no food was being given in the food-giving chair.

What reasons have your little angels children had for crying recently?

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  1. Haha! We wouldn't let her choke on bread 😂 It's crazy the things that make them so upset lol! I feel your pain... Mine are teen and preteen now so although they still tantrum it's more about things like 'make up' and shoes and clothes, because you know, I am the Bank of England and it's "so unfair" that we don't want to buy the teen her 4th pair of £125 trainers! 🙄😒

    Really funny post! 😂