Isla's 10 Month Update

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Hey everyone! Where has the last month gone? Really! i can't believe we are halfway through march already and its been crazy hectic on my end of things. we have moved into our new house (I kept it quiet in case plans fell through but yeah we are in!). We have been working hard to get everything nice and everyone settled in properly (not easy when builders are still coming in every now and then.)

The great thing about the new property is that we now have carpet yay! not something the normal person would be excited about but Isla has really come in leaps and bounds ever since we moved in.

She is 10 months old now. TEN MONTHS. I cant deal knowing shes not really a baby anymore. Its insane.

She has changed so much both physically and with regards to her abilities and development in the last month. During her 9 month update, I mentioned that she is struggling with crawling and could just do a bit of a belly drag- it was her own clever little way of coping with the fact she had no grip on our wooden floor. She adjusted the way she needed to and worked it out herself.

Now have have our carpets, within 24 hours of moving in she had managed to get up properly on her hands and knees, and stay there, and crawl! 2 weeks later she is crawling at speeds I can barely keep up with- she really keeps me on my toes now!

She has also managed to stand herself up, and sit herself up! she can pull up on pretty much anything (hence lowering the cot at 10pm after an escape attempt...) and she will cruise a little around the sofa. We've had lots of games of ring a ring a rosy to teach her to sit back down on her bottom as I don't much fancy helping her get down from standing every time she gets herself stuck in the middle of the night.

She has grown into a giant big girl baby in front of my eyes. I've had to finally clear out all her 3-6 clothes (at 10 months yeah i know, she has short legs!) because she has shot up and honestly we've actually been struggling to do up 6-9 month vests when dressing her. So she has shot from 3-6 vests to 9-12 in less than 6 weeks.

Isla has 5 teeth now. two more coming. it'll be molars next but they do make her smile look so so grown up! Shes started getting extra cheeky and smiling with her nose all scrunched up as well. Every now and then we get a preview of toddler life, with her throwing a bit of a wobble if I ever do (not often) have to tell her a proper no (e.g. sticking her hands in the hamster cage because honestly for her, he is better than toys or TV.)

Jack said to me a few days ago, that he's finally understanding why I keep saying she isn't really a baby anymore- he see's her more as a clumsy, drunk acting child...

What were your little ones getting up to at 10 months? I'd love to know!

Steph xo

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Weaning- Sweet & Savoury! (CONTEST)

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Hi all! It's another weaning post and this time I want to talk to you all about the types of food we have been giving Isla, and the importance of ensuring your little one gets a proper variety when you wean them!

I'll admit straight up that I have a sweet tooth, and I'm sure I've passed that trait down to Isla. 

The face of a true biscuit lover!

When she was first weaned, we weren't the most informed and we made a lot of it up as we went along. Isla ate a lot of porridge, baby rice, and pureed fruit. 

Isla's first time eating blueberries!

Without thinking, we were giving Isla a lot of sweet and sugary foods (even though they were healthy mind you) and when it came to meeting HiPP Organics weaning specialist, Helen, she told us that we need to ensure we gave Isla a mix of both sweet and savoury or she would be more likely to favour sweet food as an older child (and we really didn't want a fussy eater!).

On this advice, over the past few months we have been doing every we can to broaden Isla's range of flavours and ensure she has a proper mix of things- not too much sugar.

The great thing is, we get the majority of our meals for her from HiPP and at HiPP Organic, they only add sugars to recipes that you would add sugar to if you were preparing the recipes yourself (such as custard), and they control the amount of sugar in all their baby foods very carefully as it’s important savoury foods do not contain hidden sugars from fruit.

The Moment We Tried.....

You can really see just from these three tastes that she has a preference for sweeter foods, but I'm pleased to say that despite her first reactions she always tends to get used to the savoury tastes after a couple of bites and polishes it off!

Try not to just stick to foods you know your little one likes. Instead, keep offering a variety of foods. It's normal for your baby to be wary of new foods, so be ready to offer something new as many as ten times before they accept it. Persevering now will help them develop into more adventurous eaters as they get older.

The moment we tried lemon! Ha!

I do give Isla a much wider range of home made foods as well. I've definitely got more confident in feeding her things I make from scratch and trusting her with feeding herself. She loves an omelet for breakfast and dairylea is a big favourite for her sandwich at lunch! Usually, dinner is a savoury jar from HiPP with some steamed vege's on the side.

I feel really confident knowing the prepared meals from HiPP are just as healthy as something I make at home. The fruits & vegetables used in HiPP Organic (pouches/jars) are grown on dedicated organic farms, where they are left to ripen naturally and harvested at their plumpest & sweetest. These organic ingredients are then gently steam cooked to protect the nutrients and keep every ounce of flavour to provide babies with the best possible start to weaning and beyond.


Are you weaning your little one at the moment or looking to wean in the near future? With the help of HiPP I am offering you the chance to win a Sweet and Savoury food bundle for your little one!

To enter, use the widget below and complete the requested actions! As one of your contest entries, we'd love it if you would share a photo of your little one and the first time they tried a new flavour, tagging myself on Twitter @stephblake_xo and HiPP @HIPPorganic using the hashtag #themomentwetried. Once you've made your tweet, fill in the relevant section on the widget below and it will count towards your entries!

Good luck, and thanks for reading!


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#MilkMoments & The Next Stages of Weaning

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Phew it's been a while! We've just moved house and it's been absolute chaos as builders are still doing some work in our living room. We're happily hiding out upstairs and adjusting as best we can (even easier now my internet has finally been connected!).

As you know, we are members of HiPP Organics own Wean Team and we've been weaning Isla since she was around 4 months old. Now, at 9 months old, Isla has progressed immensely and she's taken to solid foods as easily as breathing.

We originally had her on simple purees and jars of soft food, with the occasional soft squishy finger food thrown in like spaghetti or fruit. Isla had a lot of trouble chewing and would gag a lot (no choking thankfully, touch wood) so it was harder to move onto bigger finger foods. We started using the 7 month stage foods that have tiny lumps around 6 weeks ago and I feel Isla was a lot happier on them and fuller.

This new found fullness meant we really cut down on the amount of milk she was drinking. At the start of weaning and pretty much since day one Isla was really erratic with her bottles (she has always been formula fed) and would constantly be drinking, but we've finally got it cut down to three seven oz. bottles a day, one with each meal.

Of course, every baby is different and some babies may want or need more or less, but it feels so much more manageable knowing exactly how much I am going to need and when, especially when packing the changing bag for a trip out. She has also learnt how to hold a sippy beaker herself and we have moved off of the standard baby bottle completely. When did my little baby get so independent?

We switched Isla's milk several times once she was weaning as we just couldn't find something that would fill her up, and now she is having less of it I wanted to make sure she was still getting the nutrients from milk to back up what she now gets from food.

We've been using HiPP's follow on milk lately and she has taken to it so well. It comes in a storage box (with scoop holder and leveler) and each box holds two silver resealable pouches to increase its longevity. You can also purchase a reusable plastic container to hold it all together which I've found really easy to use (and doesn't the nice white tub look so good in my new kitchen?).

"HiPP Organic Follow-on-Milk includes the essential ingredients your baby needs including iron for cognitive development, vitamins A, C and D for the immune system and PRÆBIOTIK®".

Of course, not everyone will want to switch from stage one formula to stage two, and I do my best to ensure she gets what she needs from her food but it is reassuring to know she has the extra boost from her milk every day.

HiPPs weaning expert Helen has this to say about follow on milk:

"Follow on milks are designed to complement the weaning diet while your baby is getting used to a variety of different tastes and textures. They are higher in iron and vitamin D than standard infant formulas which can really be a help if baby is not eating many iron-containing foods and is therefore at greater risk of iron deficiency, and to help protect baby against becoming vitamin D deficient."

Weaning really is a crazy, fun and potentially messy journey. Over the last few weeks Isla has come in leaps and bounds and is eating more and more what I like to call human food (because baby food isn't human in my head?!). She'll happily chomp on cut up sandwiches, pasta, biscuits, fruit- you name it. Other than pureed carrots she hasn't turned her nose up at a single thing we've tried. Lets just hope she stays that way!

How did you get on when you weaned? Or if you haven't yet, what're you most looking forward to?

Thanks for reading!

Steph xo


The Department of Health recommends that you breastfeed your baby exclusively for the first six months of their life; at around six months you can start to wean them on to solids and start to combine breastfeeding with bottle feeding. HiPP Organic understands that all babies are different and some mums might want to transfer to bottle feeding earlier than others. HiPP Organic would always advise that you speak to your midwife or health visitor before changing your feeding method. For more information on milks, please visit the HiPP Organic Website

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