Isla's 9 Month Update

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9 Months old! I can't believe my baby girl is three quarters of a year old. It's gotten to the point where I'm struggling to refer to her as a baby as she has become such a proper little person.

Isla is such a friendly, happy little girl and her personality has been really shining over the past month- she is so grown up.

Physically, she's finally mobile! For a few months she would just roll happily to wherever she wanted to go, and eventaully she developed a little shuffle crawl (imagine a miniuature mission impossible slide across the wooden floors). Now, over the past week she's mastered getting up on her hands and knees and is getting better a crawling properly by the minute.

She can hold herself up if we prop her up aginst the sofa or some other piece of furntire but she hasn't quite mastered staying up there for long or getting herself down without falling. She will try to take some steps if she's held up but her balance isn;t there yet. A few months and I'm sure she'll be cruising along the sofa.

She's a real perfoming monkey now and can clap, loves playing peekaboo and she LOVES dancing along to her musical toys or when we sing with her. Recently, she also picked up waving goodbye and hello which is a great party trick when we have guests (or when she waves at videos or people on the TV...hilarious!).

Another new trick has become her favourite game; she loves passing toys and other objects back and forth with someone and saying "ta" to each other. So polite for a baby and handy when she's got her mitts on something she shouldn't have.

They say a baby will either be an early walker or an early talker and she is defintely shooting towards the latter. When she is upset or demanding a bottom change or bottle she likes to yell for me; "Mama!" When daddy comes home we get what is sounding more and more like "Hiya!" or "Dada!" and when we sing she likes to wave her head back and forth and yell "LaaLaaLaa!".

Just before she turned 9 months, we had what we can count officially as a first word as well. She has a favourite little duck toy and thanks to Jacks influence we now have a baby who will yell "quack" at the duck and say it all day long quite happily.

Our weaning journey is progression fantastically; she finally has more than two teeth, the third one just popped in and the fourth is about to go as well so she is chewing food much better meaning she has been able to move on from just puree's and mild lumps to baby biscuits, omelet, toast and sandwich chunks (with supervision of course.) As we are members of HiPP Organics Wean Team there will be a lot more updates on her weaning coming soon.

The days of bottle feeding her are over- we have moved onto a handled sippy bottle/beaker and she is very insistent on doing it herself. It is impressive and I'm very proud but it is also bittersweet as I miss the days of snuggling her in my arms and feeding her.

She really is growing up so fast. I miss my tiny baby but it's amazing to see how much she grows from day to day. We will be having her 9 month doctors check up soon to see how she is progressing and if there are any areas we can work on- I'll be sure to update you!

What were your little ones doing at 9 months? Do you have any advice on how I can stop my mobile monkey getting into everything, or any advice for learning games or activites?

Let me know!

Thanks for reading;

Steph xo


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