Returning to Work?

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Over the past month or so I have been furiously avoiding the fact that my maternity leave is coming to and end (well, the paid part!) and that it really is unrealistic that I will be a stay at home mum and still have money.

I've put off discussing it with my current employers because I had such a rough time with them during pregnancy and the staff turnover is so rapid that I wouldn't know anyway, or fit in my uniform (RIP size 10 trousers...) or get paid what I need to stay part time.

I have gained a new found respect for working mums and dads.

No part of me wants to leave Isla after eight wonderful months at home avoiding chores and playing and watching Disney films and snacking and staying in our pajamas. No part of me wants her to perform a new trick in front of someone else instead of me or Jack.

Jack himself only had two weeks of paternity leave and now the concept of me being away from our little bear all day has made me realise how hard and unfair it must have been for him and other primary breadwinners to walk away each day and miss things.

This isn't me saying it's not just as hard to be a stay at home parent either. I've been trying to do it for eight months now but honestly I've been rubbish. See: "What have you been doing all day?!"

So I've finally started throwing out my CV and dusting off my interview outfits and braving the streets to try and find that ideal part time job that'll pay me enough to help with the bills and still frivol some away on makeup and coffee and things for Isla...

The job market these days is so demanding and it seems like there's more people than positions and everyone is more available or experienced than me, but I know something will come up.

I just don't know how to face it and the whole topic makes me miserable. A moany post this wintery morning but one I hope people will empathize with and advise on.

I'd love if any ladies who have, like me, had to face going back to work could give me some words of advice or some positive hope that it'll all work out in the end.

Steph xo

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  1. No advice I'm afraid but I definitely empathise. Six weeks and counting for me! :( I hope you find something suitable xxx