Mattress Protector by The Little Green Sheep (Review)

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A few weeks ago, we experienced our first middle of the night bath. What's a middle of the night bath? Ha! Seriously though, if you don't know what it is, and you're a parent, then you are either really lucky or just as ignorant to the possibility that one sleeping angel could make such a huge mess in their sleep.

Isla was sleeping peacefully and as I stroked her head goodnight on my way up to bed myself, I felt something sticky and smelt that smell that no-one wants to smell. She'd thrown up everywhere. Not just a wet wipe job, a full blown SURPRISE!!! IT'S BATH TIME!!!

It was completely perfect timing that after this, I was sent this Organic Cotton Mattress Protector by the Little Sheep Company.

First off, I have to say this is the best packaged bedding accessory I have ever seen!

 On opening, I literally couldn't believe how soft the protector itself was. I know from pregnancy that mattress protectors are normally crinkly and uncomfortable (hence why I didn't have it on the bed the night my waters broke, ha.) so I've never bothered getting one despite Isla sleeping on her dribbly face and getting her nice expensive mattress moist every night.

On top of how it feels, it's made of pure organically grown cotton- perfect for soft baby skin. On top of that, there is no bleach used so the colour itself is all natural as well. 

It's designed to prevent dust mites and be breathable, which in our case is great as Isla has had some horrible chesty coughs and needed an inhaler- so anything to stop her night wheeze or aid it is a household win!

A perfect fit with breathable edges to let air underneath!

I've been keeping an eye on the mattress itself; normally there's a slight damp patch where Isla dribbles (she's teething again!) and as of yet the protector has held it's own and been 100% absorbent!

Fingers crossed that if in future we do have any more surprise midnight bath parties, the mattress will be nice and dry and unstained thanks to our new mattress protector. (I've just flipped it over for the last least this side will be clean now!)

If you're interested, you can find all different sizes to suit any baby bed/cot here. They also have a whole range of other sleep accessories.

This product won Best Sleep Product for 2016 in the Mother & Baby awards so you know it's worth it!

Have you had to do the midnight bath? Have you tried any Little Green Sheep products? Leave a comment and let me know!

Steph xo

I was sent this item free of charge in exchange for an honest review. All words and images are my own. All opinions are honest and my own. Thanks Little Green Sheep!

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Returning to Work?

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Over the past month or so I have been furiously avoiding the fact that my maternity leave is coming to and end (well, the paid part!) and that it really is unrealistic that I will be a stay at home mum and still have money.

I've put off discussing it with my current employers because I had such a rough time with them during pregnancy and the staff turnover is so rapid that I wouldn't know anyway, or fit in my uniform (RIP size 10 trousers...) or get paid what I need to stay part time.

I have gained a new found respect for working mums and dads.

No part of me wants to leave Isla after eight wonderful months at home avoiding chores and playing and watching Disney films and snacking and staying in our pajamas. No part of me wants her to perform a new trick in front of someone else instead of me or Jack.

Jack himself only had two weeks of paternity leave and now the concept of me being away from our little bear all day has made me realise how hard and unfair it must have been for him and other primary breadwinners to walk away each day and miss things.

This isn't me saying it's not just as hard to be a stay at home parent either. I've been trying to do it for eight months now but honestly I've been rubbish. See: "What have you been doing all day?!"

So I've finally started throwing out my CV and dusting off my interview outfits and braving the streets to try and find that ideal part time job that'll pay me enough to help with the bills and still frivol some away on makeup and coffee and things for Isla...

The job market these days is so demanding and it seems like there's more people than positions and everyone is more available or experienced than me, but I know something will come up.

I just don't know how to face it and the whole topic makes me miserable. A moany post this wintery morning but one I hope people will empathize with and advise on.

I'd love if any ladies who have, like me, had to face going back to work could give me some words of advice or some positive hope that it'll all work out in the end.

Steph xo

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Isla's Weaning & The Wean Team

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Happy New Year everyone! I really do hope 2016 is starting off well for you and you let go of 2015 in style; I spent the end of 2015 fast asleep in my bed and wishing the fireworks would stop after a super exhausting day in London (miserable I know but my bed is my best friend...).

It's been a chaotic December and I really have been meaning to write about Isla and her weaning for such a long time, but today is probably the first day without plans since the start of December so I'm putting my feet up and catching up with everything and everyone on this little corner of the internet.

Now, looking at Isla you would not even begin to understand how much she loves and needs her food. Isla was always an exceptionally hungry newborn, and where the health visitor would tell me she should always leave something in her bottle showing she is full? She would chug no matter what amount we tried until she was sick and cry for more. My milk monkey would eat until the sun came up if we let her- it was ridiculous! It was because of this that we chose to wean her onto simple solid foods early at around 17 weeks and she has never been happier since that day.

So as Isla is such a food fan and as so far I've been making it all up as I go, I am so thrilled and excited to have been selected to join HiPP Organic on an exclusive twelve month weaning program for bloggers- the Wean Team!

Isla is so excited to get stuck in!

HiPP is a family run company created originally by Joseph HiPP- he created the rusk when his own wife was having trouble nursing their twins- and to this day they have over 150 different products in the UK (Isla is smacking her lips at the thought of 150 different jars, cereals, pouches and more...).

Just an example of HiPPs huge product range!

I'll be keeping you updated over the next year as Isla progresses from simple finger foods and purees onto more solids and beyond, letting you know about fantastic HiPP products and more.

Some photos from our weaning journey so far;

Do you have any tips or stories from weaning? I'd love to hear them!
Steph xo

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