Everyone needs a break sometimes.

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It's been a while hasn't it? Sometimes everyone needs a little break.

I read a lot of blogs and see a lot on social media that can make you wonder how people can be so happy and perky all the time, and for me recently that unfortunately hasn't been the reality.

I've struggled with writing recently. Nothing has sparked my creative flow and all I've wanted to write about is how I was feeling a few weeks ago. It may not to be everyone's taste but if I can let just one other person reading this know that it's okay to need time and space to work on 'you' then this post will be worth it.

I don't know what hit me- maybe the bad weather and the quicker darker nights, or maybe it's just a case of being over tired for the past year finally catching up with me. I was feeling blue and feeling guilty for how I felt.

Part of me wanted to put on a face and happily blog and go out and do things, but I've learnt that isn't the healthiest option and it was best for me to be a little selfish and take time for me.

Of course I have everything to be happy for- I have an amazing family and my daughter is so smart and beautiful. I have a roof over my head and food in my stomach and nice things. This added into my guilt- why should I be sad?

I want to tell anyone reading this who might be feeling how I felt that it's okay to need time to yourself, to say no to friends who want to go out. It's okay to worry about the smallest things and the bigger things. Don't feel bad if you sometimes wish your little one would take a longer nap so you can rest and recover. Don't get hung up on the laundry or the washing up- they can be fixed after you feel yourself again. Talk to your significant other about how you are feeling, bottling it up can make it worse and nothing heals a blue mind better than a cry and cuddle with the one you love.

Don't worry about deadlines and link ups and blogging. Have a bubble bath and watch a crap film and ignore your twitter. Turn off your phone.

In hindsight I feel like I wasted a lot of time moping and hiding but i also feel like it's what i needed. Personal TLC always comes first. It's not selfish, and you shouldn't feel guilty.

Things always pick up in the end.

This post is a shambles and after trying to write something about how I've been feeling for weeks now it still doesn't seem to express fully what I want it to. But I hope it's given you more of an understanding about my absence and if you feel like I did, I hope it helps even a little.

Steph xo

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