Isla's Five Month Update

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I can remember when Isla was barely a week old and we would watch her for hours, getting excited when she did something as simple as open her eyes or smack her lips. It's crazy to think that those simple movements are something I don't even notice anymore. Isla is five months old and developing in leaps and bounds and I couldn't be more proud.

She hasn't been weighed for a while but at 16 weeks she was nearly 17lbs so it is safe to say she has likely topped 20lbs. She's a little shorty though and her feet are so tiny- any socks 0-3 months will fall off in no time...hopefully she's a little taller than my 5ft2 when she's older so she can reach things for me. We recently had to go into size 5 (UK) nappies because the size 4 were barely fitting around her chunky legs!

Although most babies roll from their tummy to their backs first, Isla has done it all backwards. She can roll from her back to tummy and thankfully will stay there for quite a while or even fall asleep (this coming from the baby who screamed after 30 seconds of tummy time.) I caught her going back to her back once but she hasn't tried since oddly. Mostly she just shuffles her legs one after the other as if she was crawling and she has recently started lifting her bum but not at the same time as her legs. 

If I prop her hands on her ankles she can sort of sit up like a tripod for a whole verse of If you're happy and you know it... which is amazing to me. I think the time in her Jumperoo is helping strengthen her back and teach her some balance.

Speaking of Jumperoo, someone has finally learnt to jump! Well.. she hops from one leg to the other and throws herself backwards and forwards. If I jump up and down in front of her she will giggle and copy me but it's great that she is finally getting some use out of it other than dribbling on the toys she can reach.

It's all in her leg strength at the moment. If she is on your lap, she is standing and it is a nightmare trying to get her to bend her legs but she just loves standing! Part of me wonders if she will skip the rolling around faze and walk by one!

We still have loads of teething signs but no teeth which is frustrating but they'll come in their own time.

Isla loves to smile and loves to giggle. Her face lights up when we talk to her and she's starting giggling at more things so we don't have to work as hard to get them out of her. She has fully found her voice and loves to squeal to herself and will sit chatting to us or herself quite happily for the entire length of a really interesting TV show!

I can't believe my tiny girl is a big bubbly 5 month old. I'm so proud of her every day and as much as I sometimes miss her newborn phase, I am so excited to see how she is going to change over the next month.


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