Isla's Five Month Update

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I can remember when Isla was barely a week old and we would watch her for hours, getting excited when she did something as simple as open her eyes or smack her lips. It's crazy to think that those simple movements are something I don't even notice anymore. Isla is five months old and developing in leaps and bounds and I couldn't be more proud.

She hasn't been weighed for a while but at 16 weeks she was nearly 17lbs so it is safe to say she has likely topped 20lbs. She's a little shorty though and her feet are so tiny- any socks 0-3 months will fall off in no time...hopefully she's a little taller than my 5ft2 when she's older so she can reach things for me. We recently had to go into size 5 (UK) nappies because the size 4 were barely fitting around her chunky legs!

Although most babies roll from their tummy to their backs first, Isla has done it all backwards. She can roll from her back to tummy and thankfully will stay there for quite a while or even fall asleep (this coming from the baby who screamed after 30 seconds of tummy time.) I caught her going back to her back once but she hasn't tried since oddly. Mostly she just shuffles her legs one after the other as if she was crawling and she has recently started lifting her bum but not at the same time as her legs. 

If I prop her hands on her ankles she can sort of sit up like a tripod for a whole verse of If you're happy and you know it... which is amazing to me. I think the time in her Jumperoo is helping strengthen her back and teach her some balance.

Speaking of Jumperoo, someone has finally learnt to jump! Well.. she hops from one leg to the other and throws herself backwards and forwards. If I jump up and down in front of her she will giggle and copy me but it's great that she is finally getting some use out of it other than dribbling on the toys she can reach.

It's all in her leg strength at the moment. If she is on your lap, she is standing and it is a nightmare trying to get her to bend her legs but she just loves standing! Part of me wonders if she will skip the rolling around faze and walk by one!

We still have loads of teething signs but no teeth which is frustrating but they'll come in their own time.

Isla loves to smile and loves to giggle. Her face lights up when we talk to her and she's starting giggling at more things so we don't have to work as hard to get them out of her. She has fully found her voice and loves to squeal to herself and will sit chatting to us or herself quite happily for the entire length of a really interesting TV show!

I can't believe my tiny girl is a big bubbly 5 month old. I'm so proud of her every day and as much as I sometimes miss her newborn phase, I am so excited to see how she is going to change over the next month.


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Cute Cute Boutique- Review!

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Ever since I found out I was going to be having a little girl, I have had my wishlists and shopping lists filled with cute outfits and visions of pretty dresses and gorgeous hairbands to go with them.

There is something about being a woman with a little girl- I can't resist all of the fashion out there to make her look like a little princess! I love getting Isla dressed every day and accessorizing with socks that match perfectly and cute hairbands. I can't wait till her hair gets long enough to be put up in bunches and to be styled (if she let's me!)

With that said, I was ecstatic when the Cute Cute Boutique told me they were going to be sending me some hair accessories for her!

The Cute Cute Boutique is an online store filled with lovely homemade fashion accessories that will make any photo picture perfect- they provided hair bands, hair clips photo props, and loads of personalized plaques that would complete a little girls room or make great gifts for grandparents.

The company has even been featured in Vogue- this little girl has more fashion sense than I do!

I was so happy when my package came in the post I didn't even allow myself time to take many photo's of the beautiful wrapping because I was so desperate to see what we had received. 

Isla was sent this beautiful handmade hairband with diamante gems which I knew right away would go with most of her dressing up clothes and look great with a day-to-day look as well.

The band itself is so soft which was a relief as I've had problems in the past where I couldn't use a hairband as the elastic wasn't soft enough- babies have such sensitive heads, you don't want to put on something that is going to leave a mark or make them uncomfortable.

We also received a lovely matching hair clip. Sadly Isla's hair is so thin but as soon as it starts growing I know this will be an adorable way of pushing her hair off her face and securing it. Until then I could even wear it and give this whole mummy-daughter 'twinning' fashion thing a go?!

Both items came beautifully wrapped in tissue paper and were presented on cute cards from the Cute Cute Boutique.

I am so grateful to the Cute Cute Boutique for sending us these bits- be prepared to see them featured in more outfits and photographs to come! 

You can check out the full product range for yourself at their website-

I was sent one free hairband and one free hair clip in exchange for this post/review. All photographs (other than the Cute Cute logo), opinions and words are my own. Thank you Cute Cute!

Family Fever

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Visiting the Warner Bros Studio Tour

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I'm a huge fan of reading and I spent a lot of my early years with my nose stuck in a book; but one of the series that truly captured me and changed me was the Harry Potter series by JK Rowling. I've read them more times than I can even begin to count and I've seen all the films to the point where I can recite them as I watch them. I have an abundance of merchandise and have dressed up to attend the midnight book launches. I can't put into words how special this international sensation is to me and I know a lot of people feel the same way as me.

A few months ago, my dad and his girlfriend told me that as an early birthday present, they had got tickets for me and Jack to visit the Warn Bros Studio Tour where they filmed all eight of the films...I was finally going to Hogwarts after all of these years.

Jack had never seen the films so we spent September and October watching them all and getting into the wizarding spirit; Jack wasn't a huge fan but he enjoyed them and the excitement built for our trip.

The night before our trip, my dad knocked on the door unexpectedly to tell update us on the plan for the morning and to tell me that a bird had been hanging around outside.... he presented me with my Hogwarts letter (after 11 years of waiting!). I cried several times that night because the excitement was too much!

We exited the train station to the sight of an amazingly decorated Harry Potter bus- I couldn't control my happiness as we boarded and the atmosphere was built even further when they played a welcome video telling us all about the studio. Even Jack, barely involved in the Harry Potter fandom was getting pumped!

The emotions I felt when I saw the studio at last were overwhelming. This was the home of my childhood and all of my favourite things under one roof; the actors and writers and the entire production tean were all once here and I couldn't believe that a fan like myself was able to visit and really experience the magic. It was something I never thought would happen.

The tour was amazing; I don't want to write too much as reading reviews over the past few years gave away surprises for me on the day, and anyone reading this who hasn't been? Unless you want to see pictures and learn some of the secrets I would skip ahead to the end!

Being in the Great Hall at last- the actual set where we saw Professor Quirrel screaming about a troll, Harry Potter being sorted all the way up to the last film where it was partially destroyed and full of the wounded participants in the battle of Hogwarts... I couldn't describe how I was feeling and promptly started crying. It was just as I had seen it on the big screen, and I was stood there taking it all in. The craftsmanship and detail put in was amazing; so much extra work that you would barely notice through the films. It really is a beautiful set.

We got to see countless sets and props from Hogwarts and the wizarding world. Jack said that even though he wasn't a huge fan he really appreciated how much work and effort went into making the films look so amazing and I agreed that seeing it all in person made me really understand all the hard work the people behind the scenes put in. It was those people who made Hogwarts real and magical as much as the actors.

Being a proper Potter-head, I knew a lot of the behinds the scenes facts and snippets of information but there were staff on hand who really knew it all. I learnt things I never would have known if it wasn't for this visit and it's crazy that after all these years I am still learning things about JK Rowlings world.

We flew broomsticks against a green screen, drank Butterbeer (SO tasty!), walked down Diagon Alley, climbed aboard the Hogwarts express, pressed buttons to activate some amazing special effects in the creatures department and I cried more than I thought I would and more than anyone there.

It's a breathtaking place to be for any Harry Potter fan or even just someone interested in how movies are made. I can't thank Warner Bros enough for allowing people to visit and all the staff for being so friendly and knowledgeable, or my dad and his girlfriend for sending us on such a magical day out.

'Whether you come back by page or by the big screen, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.' -JK Rowling


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September Round-Up

By 10/01/2015

I can't believe it is October already and September is over- I hope someone remembered to wake up Greenday! (Note: I tell this joke incessantly every year and it never gets old for me.)

Hopes for September:
  • Finish watching all the Harry Potter films!
  • We're off on holiday to Skegness- I wan't to have a good time.
  • Go for at least two walks a week
  • Find time to blog more- there's so much I want to write this month!
  • Go to one of the mum groups running again now summer is over.
  • Find the time for a date night with Jack.

September has flown by and Autumn has hit us with some hot weather which is a let down because I was hoping for fluffy jumpers and boots by now, but it also means the creepy crawlies stay outside rather than seeking shelter in my house and I can still hang my laundry on the line.

We finally finished watching all the Harry Potter films as Jack had never seen them, and I am so pleased to say by the last film he was so invested that he actually told me to stop talking in case he missed something. It's got me so excited to go to the Warner Bros studio tour next weekend!

I still haven't been to a mum and baby group but I've found time to hang out with one of my good mum friends and do some catching up. Isla and her daughter are only six weeks apart and we were both pregnant at work together so it is nice to see them both changing so much together.

We had an amazing time on our holiday to Skegness and it was so good to reconnect with my dad as we hadn't been on a holiday together in around 6 years. It was great for Jack to spend some one on one time with dad and his girlfriend as they got to know each other so well. We made some amazing memories and I think we are going back next year as it was so fun! You can read about our trip here


So I didn't write as much as I wanted to with holidays and movie nights but I've started making some friends on twitter and getting more involved with the community which is really nice! I've had the most views and followers in the history of my blog which feels like a bit of a reward and I've made some lovely contacts with companies I might be working with in the future which again feels like a lovely reward for the work I put in. I wrote a post about my first 6 months blogging here

Post partum body

I stopped trying to lose weight and worrying about my figure and what happened? I lost weight! Alright- I gained weight first, I got heavier than I was for a few months but I've started to lose it again and I've found I am still eating fun things but in smaller portions and cutting out snacks and fizz. I've started walking to meet Jack and the train station and although there and back only takes 40 minutes, with pushing a pram it's still more active than I was most afternoons. I officially have to keep pulling my jeans up which is a big change.


Guess who is rolling over! I am such a proud mumma! Isla has now rolled over from her back to her stomach (the opposite way to what most babies learn, little bugger!) and has been rescued from her stomach more times than I can count now. She hasn't figured out how to get back again and is a furious hater of tummy-time. Her latest trick has been rolling over in the bath while I am trying to wash her and hold her head at the same time while she is all slippy and wriggly- nightmare.

I am also 90% sure she is about to cut her first tooth as I can feel some rough scratchy points on her gum- either that or I really have no idea what I am feeling for while she dribbles buckets on me.

It's been a whirlwind month sorting out house stuff, Jack starting to study for his exams and a now even wigglier and active baby.

But now it's October (Note: HAPPY HALLOWEEN-TOBER!) and it's going to be great, it's one of my favourite months of the year and we've got some great plans.

Hopes for October:
  • Have the most MAGICAL day at the Warner Bros studio tour
  • Get Isla the cutest ever outfit for Halloween
  • Decorate the outside of the house properly for the kids on the street
  • Carry on walking at least twice a week
  • Try and help Isla learn to roll from her stomach to back
  • Get to the bottom of the laundry basket
  • Start planning Christmas presents 
Thanks for reading,

Steph xo

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