Don't let the toilet dinosaur eat me!

By 9/03/2015

Children have the silliest fears, and I've been thinking recently that one day I'll have to deal with Isla's. Will she think their is a monster in her cupboard? Will she be afraid of the doorbell for some ridiculous reason?

Looking back to when I was a little girl, I had some of the craziest fears and theories about monsters that might jump out and get me, and I decided to share them with you.

The Toilet Dinosaur

Everyone loves Godzilla right? Jurassic Park? Well I'm sure that you've all seen the second installment to the JP franchise, and have a clear memory as I do of the scene with the T-Rex in the back garden. The little boy see's the T-Rex, it eat's his dog, drinks the pool water... terrifying.

I had nightmares about dinosaurs so much. It got to the point where I had a genuine belief that if I flushed the toilet at night, a dinosaur would hear me and come to eat me. If I did have to flush, it'd be a crazy sprint into bed to ensure the dinosaur didn't see me through my curtains and gobble me up like that poor Jurassic Park puppy.

Alien Motion Sensor

Picture it- I'm a young sleepy girl, snug up in the top bunk at my dad's house ready for bed. As I blink and look at the ceiling, I see a tiny red dot moving around it. I watch for a while, unable to figure out why it is there and why it won't go away. Oh- I'm not dreaming!

I cried for my dad and yelled bloody murder until he rushed in- I pointed at the ceiling. It was gone. This was repeated several times with me sobbing and blubbing about aliens and lights that no-one else could see. I was dreaming, he said. What rubbish.

It turned out the next morning that my dad had been stood outside with his laser pointed wetting himself silly the more and more freaked out I got. He'd wait a moment before pretending to rush in, turning it off as he did. Looking back it's hilarious but I was genuinely terrified.

In my dad's hallway, there was a motion sensor in the corner over the bathroom with a little red light. Of course, even though he told me the ceiling dot was him, I was still reasonably nervous that it was the work of aliens and was petrified of going past it to pee at night; combine this with the toilet dinosaur theory and having to jump into a top bunk for safety...using the bathroom at night became something I avoided heavily.

All children have some irrational fear; did you have any or do your children?

Thanks for reading!
Steph xo

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  1. I had a similar fear about flushing the toilet - though it was never so specific as a dinosaur! I had to run out of the bathroom before the flush noise got too loud or something horrible was going to happen... though I can't remember what (or maybe I never knew!). I still managed to grow up into a vaguely sane adult though :-) #TwinklyTuesday

    1. I went through the 'scary loud toilet' phase when I moved into my first flat alone as well, ridiculous I know but thankfully I'm over it now!x

  2. Oh I was convinced that there was a monster under the bed! I couldn't even let my foot hang outside of the covers in case it got me! We haven't had any irrational fears here yet but I'm sure they will come in time! Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

    1. I've definitely been there with having my feet covered but now I can't seem to sleep with them in so they're open for any creepies. Our bed is really low thankfully so unless there's a pancake monster under there I'm sure I'll be okay haha xx

  3. Your dad has a lot to answe for- sounds like the sort of thing mine would have done too. I was scared that jaws would come out of the toilet and bite me during my night time ablutions!

    1. He's funny isn't he! We went on a caravan holiday a few weeks ago and he'd read this blog post and turned up with his laser pointer, nightmare but it did cause a few laughs and stories xx

  4. Mine was terrified of the vacuum cleaner!