August Round-Up

By 9/01/2015

Happy September everyone! How is it September already? I thought that now I was an adult the summer holidays might slow down (they used to fly by as a child) but apparently they still go just as quickly! I am excited to be getting closer to Autumn; Autumn brings Halloween, bonfire night and warm fluffy jumpers!

So last month I made a nice little list of things I wanted to do this month;

Hopes for August:

  • Go to our first party/night out since having Isla 
  • Get under 12 stone at last and stay down at size 12
  • Take Isla for a proper swimming lesson
  • Get our spare bedroom organized and set up with the new bed
  • Keep on top of the housework
  • Investigate a mums & babies group to meet more local mums
  • Do something exciting for bank holiday weekend

We did go for our first night out and it was amazing! You can read all about that here. It was a great start to the month and such a great night out. I really think that parents should ensure they get out for a grown up night every now and then.

We managed to clear out our spare room junk room  and built our single bed and Jack's weight bench- it's nice to have it more organized and it's made the upstairs of the house feel so much more open and clutter free.

We are heading off to the Harry Potter Studio Tour in October, so I've also managed to get Jack to watch the films with me this month- he's got three left and if we spread them out we should finish right on time for the tour next month!

This month, Jack's Grandad turned 70 and we had a lovely night at their house, catching up with family, drinking champagne by the fire and doing quizzes.


I'll admit I've given up some of my efforts. I've realised that while we are still out of a proper routine and so busy all the time, it's hard to have healthy home cooked meals and exercise. I'm still cutting down my snacking but I've realised I'm quite happy even though I'm bigger than I ever have been. I'm staying healthy but I'm not going to fixate on the weight loss.

Day Trip- Woburn Safari Park

So bank holiday weekend we originally had plans to go to one of the farms near us for a day on the Monday, and do a couple of car-boots on the Sunday morning. The car boot was a bit of a washout and my brother just so happens to work at the Safari Park and got us all in for a great day out! I'll be making a post about the day soon- I will say now it was so so much fun!


Every day Isla is trying harder and harder to roll over- she can manage it so well if she is propped up slightly but when she is flat she can't quite manage it. She is getting into a great routine; I can pinpoint pretty much exactly when she is going to be waking up and wanting her food. She's full of character and loves being out and about in her pram. I regret introducing her to certain things; it seems now the only way I can make her laugh is singing 'Teletubbies' in the same really god-awful annoying voice over and over again.

I didn't manage everything I wanted to do this month, but it was still a great month full of new experiences and I really can't believe how fast it's all gone!

Hopes for September:
  • Finish watching all the Harry Potter films!
  • We're off on holiday to Skegness- I wan't to have a good time.
  • Go for at least two walks a week
  • Find time to blog more- there's so much I want to write this month!
  • Go to one of the mum groups running again now summer is over.
  • Find the time for a date night with Jack.
Hope you had a great month!
Steph xo

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