Weightloss Wednesday #3

By 8/06/2015

It's becoming a bit of a tradition for me to post these updates on Thursday morning isn't it? I should've picked Thursday as Wednesday always gets filled up with a visit from Isla's Nanny and Grandad (Note: I'm not always very good at planning, as you'll come to learn!)

During this week, I broke a few rules by heading out to a house-warming party and drinking more calories than I normally eat, following the day with the standard slightly hungover greasy food fest. Besides this bad weekend of eating I have had some amazing dinners; Jack made the most delicious meatballs I have ever had (homemade sauce countering the amount of carbs I consumed!)

I will add in so many of my dinners have been brown but I've been making a much more active effort to ensure I eat two good sized meals at least every day in the hopes of speeding up my snail speed metabolism.

I've been out and about walking so much and now that Isla needs a lot more attention and likes to be active I rarely find time to slob on the sofa for hours on end!

I weighed in at: 12st 4lbs

Weight lost: I gained 3.6lbs.
(We should rename this segment weight-gain...)

I can't really make excuses anymore. My eating isn't great- I have opted for convenient dinners way too many times and it's starting to be a struggle for me. I need to really gear up and motivate myself. While my figure is shrinking the number on the scales isn't and I guess my figure is what is more important to me but I just want to feel more healthy and lower my BMI!

I can add that the time in my cycle often makes me heavier through water retention so I need more fluids to push the excess water through!

Plan for the next week:
- Healthier lunches- I stick to what is quick and easy and a lot of the time that is where all my excess calories come from

- Less calories from liquid- I drink a lot of fizzy drinks and sugary juices, I definitely need more water in me!

- More colour to my dinner- pasta and rice is always easy so we seem to see a lot of brown on our plates!

It's so hard losing weight when I love food so much- I need to learn to say no! Keep an eye out next week for an update!

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