July Round-Up

By 8/03/2015

So July flew by. I'm going to say that every month because since I got pregnant, every month has literally flown by. It has been a really busy month and we made a lot of memories!

Our Holiday to Haven

We went off to Haven for three nights, just a few miles from Great Yarmouth and not only was this Isla's first holiday it was actually mine and Jacks first time on any sort of holiday together! It was a fantastic trip and we made a lot of fun memories losing all our money in arcades, going on funfair rides, Jack swimming in the sea and of course spending quality time with family :)
(Read my post about the holiday here)

Isla's first time swimming

We took Isla swimming for the first time as the pool in our Haven resort was nice and warm and she had recently had her first jabs- the doctor gave us the go ahead and she loves floating gently in the water and listening to all the new sounds


This month (even though she started before July!) she has been a super smiley little girl. She learnt to grin back at us as we sing-song said 'Say cheeeeese!' and by the end of the month her smiles had slowly started to develop into what we know is the start of her laugh- a long squeak with a few heavy breaths 'heurrhurrr' while she grins non stop at us!

Getting out more

During pregnancy and during the first month or so of Isla being here, I didn't really like to go out much. I worried about being away from home or boring my company but over the month of July I have made sure to go out and about at least twice during the week (Thank you Grandad Wednesdays!) and we are always busy during the weekend. It's felt great to be more active!


So this month I tried to get myself back into the blogging world. I really enjoyed it but so much came up with pregnancy and birth complications that I avoided the online world and shied away from it all- now I'm back with a vengeance and absolutely loving it! I'm getting to know some lovely other mums and discovering some great blogs every day. My stats and views have rocketed (although that isn't as important to me) and I'm loving having a creative outlet.


My weight hasn't changed as you'll know from my weightloss updates on Wednesdays but I'm feeling so much more tight and toned- I guess I'm gaining muscle! I feel so much more myself. My episitiomy scar still aches but the doctor has assured me it is normal and it because they severed a lot of nerves which take longer to heal than the actual wound itself. My periods are back and trying to kill me and my boobs didn't stay as huge as I'd hoped they would but really at nearly 12 weeks PP I feel great and hope I carry on doing so!

Hopes for August:

  • Go to our first party/night out since having Isla (We recently did this before I had a chance to post- check the night out here!)
  • Get under 12 stone at last and stay down at size 12
  • Take Isla for a proper swimming lesson
  • Get our spare bedroom organized and set up with the new bed
  • Keep on top of the housework
  • Investigate a mums & babies group to meet more local mums
  • Do something exciting for bank holiday weekend

Did you have a good month? Let me know!
Steph xo

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