First night out without the baby

By 8/03/2015

So if you haven't already read my post 'Planning our first night out...' I really recommend you check it out. You'll understand exactly the anxiety and anticipation I had for the night.

I found out I was pregnant last September, and myself and Jack hadn't been out for a long time, probably the last time was at the start of August last year or end of July. That marks an entire year of no alcohol, no socializing without either being pregnant or lugging a travel system and 10,000 nappies with me while people politely coo about how cute Isla is and how they wish we could do this more often...

Needless to say, by the time it hit Saturday afternoon I was raring to go and ready for wine o'clock to hit!

I will add in here- I did have a lot of mummy guilt about leaving Isla but I know my dad is amazing with her and I had every faith she would be happy and well cared for. I deserved the night off and I was going to make the most of it! I waved her happily out to the car and gave her a quick kiss- keep someone else up tonight! I smiled and watched the car pull away and stepped into my now baby free house and it hit me- I was free.

With Grandad and quite happy about it!

Jubilant jumping with glee and cracking open the wine? Oh no. More like crack open the water works. I sobbed and sobbed and got my nice prepped for makeup face all swollen and blotchy and itchy and I cried more and got all snotty and I cried more and got overheated so my hair started to stick to my face. I never expected to react that way, but once I was distracted it eased up and I knew I had to really make the most of it.

(Note: emotionally smelling daughters blankets are not a positive action when leaving her for the first time. Getting wine and dancing to Taylor Swift is far more appropriate.)

The evening did really pick up though! I got far too drunk far too quickly and had to ask the hosts for some snacks. They happily provided me with cold fajita style wraps, a bottle of ketchup and a can of cold sweetcorn. Remembering that last time they only provided sweets I felt quite proud of the boys for at least attempting to give me nutrition and ate till I felt a bit more sober.

I'd aimed to not talk about the baby but oddly it's all other people wanted to talk about- I cut it short when the birth questions got a bit too personal and when someone we hadn't seen for a very long time wasn't sure if I was pregnant or had already had the baby (I guess my dress wasn't as flattering as I had thought).

I felt very confident strutting around in my post baby body and high heels- the little dress Jack got me was gorgeous and comfortable and although I'm still what I'd call 'bigger than my normal self' I felt great. Oh and in case you were wondering, yes I did end up walking around without the heels after about an hour.

All in all, despite a few drunken comments that got me into defensive mummy mode (Note: do not tell a new parent leaving her child for the first time that she must be so glad to of gotten rid of her baby and not expect a lecture) I had a great night and so did Jack.

We got home, threw ourselves into bed (Oh no- a baby blanket. Que the sobbing for about another hour before I decided I was far too emotional and drunk to be awake) and spent the entire night not having to wake up for midnight milk slavery and then we spent the whole next morning watching bad films and eating a lot of greasy food until my dad dropped our baby girl home.

All in all I would call it a success, but due to the amount of crying on my part I think I need to prepare myself better next time or give it some more time until we try it again.

Thanks for reading
Steph xo

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  1. Sounds like it was just what you needed. Every mum needs a night off once in a while. #maternitymondays

  2. aww bless you you absolutely did deserve it and it is natural to feel a bit bereft the first time. I'm very glad you enjoyed yourself! Thanks for linking with #maternitymondays xx

  3. haha this sounds exactly like my first night out. Lots of sobbing and I didn't realise I ad become such a lightweight! Plus you do end up talking so much about your baby (not intentionally!) because everyone asks lots of questions. I'm so glad you had a good (minus the sobbing) night out. :-) It really is nice to get some space sometimes, but you'll find you're always so desperate to see their little faces again!: :-) xx

  4. The first night out is weird and it never stops being weird! lol For the whole life of your baby they've been close if not attached to you so going anywhere without them just feels strange. On our first night out we couldn't help checking the kids were OK. Why wouldn't they be? We haven't left them with hannibal lecter, but you just can't help it!
    Enjoy the weirdness! lol

  5. My mummy cried lots the first time she left me and went out on a date night, she felt very guilty. It does get easier though doesn't it. This autumn she's leaving me with the grandparents and heading to New York with Daddy for their anniversary! eeeeek! #BrilliantBlogPosts