Weightloss Wednesday #1

By 7/23/2015

This week has been a chaos of seemingly being busy every day and never finding much time to myself. I've had some great dinners and since before our holiday we have only ordered in once- a big improvement for the take-away addicts in this house!

I do feel slimmer in my clothes; I think I'm losing all the retained water but gaining something else to replace it. Muscle maybe?

I weighed in at: 12st 0lbs

Weight lost: 0lbs

I've been maintaining this weight for nearly a month and a half now- this tells me that my calorie intake is perfect for my current level of activity. I do get out and active a lot more than I did for my entire pregnancy, but I used to walk miles a day and be on my feet cleaning 9 hours a day- a big difference and probably why I was so slim when I worked still.

Plan for the next week:

- Get hold of the Davina weight loss DVD. I've heard it's great for beginners and I have some little weights and my birthing ball to use along with the queen of fit mummas!

- Ensure I eat something for breakfast every day. I've been skipping out on breakfast because I can't be bothered or I'm too tired but I think it's severely slowing down my metabolism!

- No takeaway! Not only will it save us money it'll save us calories! It's just so hard to resist on a Friday night but I'm so determined to lose this weight.

Sorry for posting this a day late!
Come back next week to see how I do!
Steph xo

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