Freebies to Claim During Pregnancy

By 7/23/2015

Nothing beats a freebie right? The excitement of getting something in the post- for free- during pregnancy was definitely something I want to pass onto any pregnant women, or women looking to become pregnant!

I promise that none of the links/products below cost me a penny- not even in postage. There are companies out there that offer you a product and you just pay postage, but when I say I'm telling you what is free- I mean it is 100% free!

Bounty Bags

Okay- so you have to be pregnant to get these (as far as I know there isn't a way around it!). Your midwife will give you your first voucher and it can be redeemed in any Boots or Superdrug or Asda. I've heard rumors that you get different stuff in each shop, but from my experience with pregnancy friends each bag has generally the same main items with random stuff thrown in. There are three bags in total to collect, and you get the vouchers at a random stage of your pregnancy/birth of your little one.

What I got that I used (all three):

Mini pots of sudocreme x2
Branded hooded baby towel: x3
Half a ton of laundry samples (Fairy, Persil, Ariel)
Mamia nappies (4 pack): x3
Pampers sensitive wipes: 3 x 12 packs
Johnsons baby wipes: x2
'Mama and me' collection (Hand sanitiser, bump cream, bath soak etc)
Baby weaning spoon
Sample size bio oil

Emma's Diary

This is my favourite freebie program. I've actually managed to claim it twice using both the online printable vouchers, and the vouchers I found in the Emma's Diary magazine (which was available at my midwife clinic and some were sent through the post to me!). Again, claimable in town with a simple voucher and no money- from either Argos or Boots.

There are three bags: Mum to be, New baby and Family.

What I got and used (all three):

Johnsons pack including wipes, baby oil, baby wash and nappy cream.
Healthy Kellogs cereal sample packs: x2 (2 portions per bag)
Nappies (4 pack) x3 in different sizes
More wipes/brands of wipes than I can list.
Disposable breast pads.
Breast milk storage bags
Ella's kitchen full sized pouches x2
Tons of laundry sample tablets
Sample shampoo and conditioner
Tons of money saving vouchers
Maternity pad sample packs

Boots Parenting Club

Signing up is free, you get a points card- and eventually, you get a ton of tokens through the post. Some of them you have to buy something to get the free item, and some things are just free. All the money off vouchers are usable and worth it as well!

Free changing bag from Boots!

In order to claim this, you need your voucher to come through the post and it took around 4 weeks for mine. You get a free magazine every few months and this also contains vouchers. The changing bag is a decent sized unisex black bag, great for dads! All you need to do to claim it is buy a pack of nappies- which isn't so bad if you're stocking up for baby anyway!

Also from boots, I got a voucher for a free Mam bottle, free dummy, free breast pads and all of these vouchers could simple be taken to the tills and exchanged, no cash needed!

Aptimel 'Apta Club'

I didn't think much of this when I was looking at it online, but I figured it was free so signed up! I was sent lots of information and money off- some may consider it junk mail but money off always adds up and the information is good if you are bottle feeding and haven't decided a brand to use.

They also sent me a cuddly polar bear toy, another to add to the collection growing in Isla's cot. It may seem tacky but she won't care where it comes from and it's exciting to get presents for baby in the post! I also was sent a lovely sample collection of mummy-tea; caffeine free and beautifully flavored tea bags from a company I never would of heard of!

Cow & Gate Club

Again, for the same reasons as the Apta Club this can come in handy for money off and information. They also send you leaflets and booklets that update you on your pregnancy progression and I got a cute scan photo cardboard protector and a 'diary'.

The calling for me on this one again, was a cuddly toy. This time a cow. Mr cow also lives on Isla's cot.


I signed up for the Pampers newsletter: and already I have been sent lots of sample nappies, pull ups and wipes! If you look around other nappies and wipes brands they sometimes offer you free samples and other than getting samples in the post, I haven't had any junk mail!

I hope this helps any new mums out there- there is so much free stuff to claim and I doubt I even found all of it! Mothercare even hosts events where you get money off and a cute goodie bag so keep an eye out at your local store!

Have you found any cool freebies?

Thanks for reading- Steph xo

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  1. What an awesome list! The Boots parenting club is til 3 so I'm getting on that one :)

    1. Glad to know I helped :D get on it the vouchers are great! xx

  2. Wow what a great post. So hel. Thanks for linking up with us on the #bigfatlinky hope to see you there this week

    1. thank you! I found I spent hours trying to find all the best freebies so figured I'd combine them into a list for anyone who see's my blog :) xx

  3. Such a handy list, my baby days are over but most of these were around when my mini men were born and I loved getting the freebies ;) Thanks for linking to #PicknMix

    Stevie x

  4. Great post! I'm going to get printing off some vouchers!

    1. Glad to know I could be of service honey! I'm sure there are so many more out there but these are definitely the best 100% free options in my opinion :) xx

  5. I did a comment but I don't see it...hopefully I don't sound like I'm repeating myself ...I never even thought to check for free stuff when I was having kids. Great info! Thanks for sharing it with #momsterslink.

    1. Can't see the other one, rubbish blogger! I'm always on the hunt for stuff I don't have to pay for/offers :) I just hope it helps some pregnant readers out! Thanks for hosting <3 xx

  6. Great list, I think I got all of these, I love a good freebie. Thanks for linking to #PickNMix

    1. I'm still keeping my eye out for more freebies either for her or for the future!xx

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