These are a few of my favourite things.

By 7/29/2015
I love reading simple posts on some of my favourite blogs that help me get to know the people behind the screens. It makes their posts more relate-able and I feel more of a connection to someones writing when I know a little about them!

So, in the spirit of 'A Sound of Music'... here are a few of my favourite things!

What is your favorite movie?
I find it hard to pick just one- but probably Harry Potter!
(I actually recently wrote a post on my favourite films here)

What is your favorite tv show?
I love Orange is the New Black- I watched series 3 within 48 hours!

What is your favorite song?
This changes a lot, but right now: All of Me, John Legend.

What is your favorite book?
Back to the boy wizard himself, it'd be Harry Potter (Half Blood Prince if we're being precise.)

What is your favorite type of music?
I love alternative but recently I've started listening to more modern pop.

What is your favorite genre of movie?
Definitely fantasy. I'm talking Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Hunger Games...

What is your favorite animal?
Owls! Or cats. But probably owls considering how much owl decor is in my house.

What is your favorite food?
Macaroni and cheese for sure. It's my go-to dinner and I make a mean home-made sauce.

What is your favorite time of day?
Early evening when Jack gets home from work and we all relax and collapse on the sofa as a family.

Who is your favorite actor?
Jonny Depp- he's absolutely gorgeous and so so talented in everything that he does.

Who is your favorite actress?
Jennifer Lawrence is again absolutely gorgeous and talented as hell!

Who is your favorite author?
J. K. Rowling, closely followed by Terry Pratchett. I was bought up on both from a very young age and they were the start of my passion for reading.

What is your favorite memory?
I'd say either mine and Jacks first date- we got a little too drunk, the day Isla was born, or our first day at the beach together as a family.

What is your favorite quote?
“Never say goodbye because goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting.” J.M. BarriePeter Pan

What is your favourite flower?
I love Oriental Lilies and white roses- generally considered a funeral flower but the smell is amazing.

Do we share any favourites or do you like the opposite to me? I'd love to get to know you so let me know in a comment below.

Steph xo

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Weightloss Wednesday #2

By 7/29/2015

I haven't been very strong willed this week. We have home cooked several times but I have been caving at lunch and had several fast food options. I do feel as though I'm slimming down even more even if I am not losing lots of weight; this week saw me fitting into a size 12 pair of jeans with breathing room and fitting into a gorgeous size 12 little black dress for Saturday nights upcoming party.

I weighed in at: 12st 0.4lbs

Weight lost: I gained 0.4lbs.

Okay so I am still maintaining my weight and it is so infuriating. I have made some lovely homemade meals with Jack and cut down the snacks; I guess I need to try and cut down more and up the exercise. I have been walking nearly every day for at least 30 minutes up to like 3 hours if I go around the town but it seems like I'm only really matching my intake. I guess I'll have to up it again!

Plan for the next week:

- Up the exercise again, find some time to do cardio since what I'm doing isn't burning anything!

- Try some metabolism boosting foods, I'm sure it slowed down during pregnancy because I actually eat less than I did before getting pregnant but I'm still maintaining!

- Try and be stronger with the greasy food. If I have to, limit myself to once a week- it's still not cutting it off fully but it's better than several times!

I'm sure I'll hit some proper progression soon :) keep an eye out next week for an update! 

Steph xo

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Preparing to survive my first post-baby night out

By 7/28/2015

It's been nearly a year since I went to a party. Well- I went to a party on New Years Eve, stone cold sober, bump squashed into a far too tight outfit and falling asleep on the sofa while wishing they had provided catering..

I don't count that night so it has indeed been since around the start of August since I last hit the wine and danced with Jack and good company. Well ladies and gents, that is all about to change. Lock away your snacks and your docking stations (because I will choose the worst music..) because this Saturday I'm hitting the party scene!

I am so excited for this party; originally only Jack was going to take on the invite. I had a lot of mummy guilt over leaving Isla with someone overnight but she will be nearly three months old, she has a nightly routine that she rarely phases from and my dad and his girlfriend have spent a lot of time with her and have baby stuff at their house for when she stays anyway. So Isla will be off to Granddad's for a sleepover and I'll be donning my warpaint and tackling the public scene.


I have not had a drink in a very very long time. It took me two months after Isla was born to have a pint and it got me a little buzz- so I need to make sure I pace myself or this Cinderella will not make it even close to midnight. I already predict a severe case of wobbly mummy but I need to stay calm and collected- I am a mother now and I can be fun but no-one wants to see my postpartum extra comfy granny panties as I stumble into the nearest bush to the garden gate...


This was one of the reasons I did not want to go. I am still too big for all my nice clothes and, although Jack treated me to a lot of new wardrobe additions that do fit me, we hadn't picked up anything fancy. What do you mean, fancy?- Jack. Well dear, I'd like a very specific fit, little black dress within a specific budget. No, I haven't actually seen this miracle dress in any shops. No, I don't want anything other than this vision of curvy sexy 'MILF' statement black dress.

We got a different dress...but it's still lovely!


Back in the day, I couldn't walk in heels. I don't know why I think it'll be easier considering it's been a year since I wore any. All my heels are inappropriately tall and wobbly but so so tacky beautiful. I'll be loading my mum-sized handbag/carry on luggage with some flats. I may saunter (stumble) into the party looking leggy and gorgeous, but once I've ensured everyone has looked at me- "Oh wow she had a baby but dam she looks good!" those death traps will be off and I'd rather not walk around bare foot.


I barely make it to 10pm. I have to be in bed- I can sit on my tablet or phone for an hour but if I am not in bed I am going to die. How will I survive a potential next morning end time?! I'm hoping I will get a good buzz on and the company and atmosphere will keep me awake...maybe I'll pack some snacks just in case the catering consists of haribo and a stuffed pinata like last time.


Now I'm a mum, I seem to only talk about being a mum. I have no idea what is going on at my old work, or with new/old couples, modern news and culture...I barely even know what songs and movies are popular right now. I need to do some serious research into conversation topics so I don't end up talking about little Isla's stuffy nose and the time she pooped all the way up to her hair.

Can you tell I'm nervous about this party? The last time all these people saw me I was very pregnant, and very sober and very grumpy (I remind you- Haribo exclusive catering!). I of course, am so proud of my motherhood but I want people to remember I'm not just a 'mum', I'm an adult who will probably fall asleep after half a bottle of red wine!

Wish me luck!

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Before I met you

By 7/27/2015

Before I met you My job was unfulfilled and meaningless

Before I met you I would sleep the morning away

Before I met you I had all the money I wanted for clothes and makeup

Before I met you I could eat what I wanted and never gain a pound

Before I met you I'd have hours to pamper myself and get dolled up

Before I met you I could watch a film and eat at my own pace

Before I met you I'd go out on the town and dance the night away

Before I met you I could take a long relaxing bath and soak my worries away

Before I met you I didn't have any idea where my life was going or what I wanted to be

Now I have you My job is to raise you and it the most meaningful and fulfilling thing I've ever done

Now I have you I've gotten up before the sun and had more time in the day to live than ever before

Now I have you Money and possessions aren't my priority anymore, I'd rather spend it on family and memories

Now I have you I've gained weight and can't lose it but this body made you healthy and I'm proud of it

Now I have you I'd rather spend my spare hours making you smile and teaching you about the world

Now I have you You're too funny and beautiful for me to focus on movies or food and I don't mind

Now I have you A night in dancing in the kitchen with my family is so much more fun than a cramped nightclub

Now I have you I share my bath with you, your rubber duck or your daddy and it's still lovely

Now I have you My life has meaning and a clear path. I know what I want to be- your everything


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Freebies to Claim During Pregnancy

By 7/23/2015

Nothing beats a freebie right? The excitement of getting something in the post- for free- during pregnancy was definitely something I want to pass onto any pregnant women, or women looking to become pregnant!

I promise that none of the links/products below cost me a penny- not even in postage. There are companies out there that offer you a product and you just pay postage, but when I say I'm telling you what is free- I mean it is 100% free!

Bounty Bags

Okay- so you have to be pregnant to get these (as far as I know there isn't a way around it!). Your midwife will give you your first voucher and it can be redeemed in any Boots or Superdrug or Asda. I've heard rumors that you get different stuff in each shop, but from my experience with pregnancy friends each bag has generally the same main items with random stuff thrown in. There are three bags in total to collect, and you get the vouchers at a random stage of your pregnancy/birth of your little one.

What I got that I used (all three):

Mini pots of sudocreme x2
Branded hooded baby towel: x3
Half a ton of laundry samples (Fairy, Persil, Ariel)
Mamia nappies (4 pack): x3
Pampers sensitive wipes: 3 x 12 packs
Johnsons baby wipes: x2
'Mama and me' collection (Hand sanitiser, bump cream, bath soak etc)
Baby weaning spoon
Sample size bio oil

Emma's Diary

This is my favourite freebie program. I've actually managed to claim it twice using both the online printable vouchers, and the vouchers I found in the Emma's Diary magazine (which was available at my midwife clinic and some were sent through the post to me!). Again, claimable in town with a simple voucher and no money- from either Argos or Boots.

There are three bags: Mum to be, New baby and Family.

What I got and used (all three):

Johnsons pack including wipes, baby oil, baby wash and nappy cream.
Healthy Kellogs cereal sample packs: x2 (2 portions per bag)
Nappies (4 pack) x3 in different sizes
More wipes/brands of wipes than I can list.
Disposable breast pads.
Breast milk storage bags
Ella's kitchen full sized pouches x2
Tons of laundry sample tablets
Sample shampoo and conditioner
Tons of money saving vouchers
Maternity pad sample packs

Boots Parenting Club

Signing up is free, you get a points card- and eventually, you get a ton of tokens through the post. Some of them you have to buy something to get the free item, and some things are just free. All the money off vouchers are usable and worth it as well!

Free changing bag from Boots!

In order to claim this, you need your voucher to come through the post and it took around 4 weeks for mine. You get a free magazine every few months and this also contains vouchers. The changing bag is a decent sized unisex black bag, great for dads! All you need to do to claim it is buy a pack of nappies- which isn't so bad if you're stocking up for baby anyway!

Also from boots, I got a voucher for a free Mam bottle, free dummy, free breast pads and all of these vouchers could simple be taken to the tills and exchanged, no cash needed!

Aptimel 'Apta Club'

I didn't think much of this when I was looking at it online, but I figured it was free so signed up! I was sent lots of information and money off- some may consider it junk mail but money off always adds up and the information is good if you are bottle feeding and haven't decided a brand to use.

They also sent me a cuddly polar bear toy, another to add to the collection growing in Isla's cot. It may seem tacky but she won't care where it comes from and it's exciting to get presents for baby in the post! I also was sent a lovely sample collection of mummy-tea; caffeine free and beautifully flavored tea bags from a company I never would of heard of!

Cow & Gate Club

Again, for the same reasons as the Apta Club this can come in handy for money off and information. They also send you leaflets and booklets that update you on your pregnancy progression and I got a cute scan photo cardboard protector and a 'diary'.

The calling for me on this one again, was a cuddly toy. This time a cow. Mr cow also lives on Isla's cot.


I signed up for the Pampers newsletter: and already I have been sent lots of sample nappies, pull ups and wipes! If you look around other nappies and wipes brands they sometimes offer you free samples and other than getting samples in the post, I haven't had any junk mail!

I hope this helps any new mums out there- there is so much free stuff to claim and I doubt I even found all of it! Mothercare even hosts events where you get money off and a cute goodie bag so keep an eye out at your local store!

Have you found any cool freebies?

Thanks for reading- Steph xo

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Weightloss Wednesday #1

By 7/23/2015

This week has been a chaos of seemingly being busy every day and never finding much time to myself. I've had some great dinners and since before our holiday we have only ordered in once- a big improvement for the take-away addicts in this house!

I do feel slimmer in my clothes; I think I'm losing all the retained water but gaining something else to replace it. Muscle maybe?

I weighed in at: 12st 0lbs

Weight lost: 0lbs

I've been maintaining this weight for nearly a month and a half now- this tells me that my calorie intake is perfect for my current level of activity. I do get out and active a lot more than I did for my entire pregnancy, but I used to walk miles a day and be on my feet cleaning 9 hours a day- a big difference and probably why I was so slim when I worked still.

Plan for the next week:

- Get hold of the Davina weight loss DVD. I've heard it's great for beginners and I have some little weights and my birthing ball to use along with the queen of fit mummas!

- Ensure I eat something for breakfast every day. I've been skipping out on breakfast because I can't be bothered or I'm too tired but I think it's severely slowing down my metabolism!

- No takeaway! Not only will it save us money it'll save us calories! It's just so hard to resist on a Friday night but I'm so determined to lose this weight.

Sorry for posting this a day late!
Come back next week to see how I do!
Steph xo

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The birth of Isla Grace

By 7/18/2015

Monday 11th May 2015; 


Jack and I were sitting around, watching Game of Thrones with the expectation that we still had a good few weeks to go until Isla arrived. She wasn't due until the 22nd and despite experiencing premature labour at 31 weeks, false labour signs for weeks, and on/off timeable contractions for around a week I still refused to accept that she may come early.

I began feeling some more minor contractions, again they were timeable. 5 every hour, and it had been going on for around 2 hours.

"Shall we put the waterproof sheet on the bed just in case? It might happen over the next week.."-Jack

I told him no. I couldn't be bothered and again I was in denial, desperate to not get my hopes up. We went to bed.

Tuesday 12th May 2015; 


I have vague memories of waking up suddenly for some reason and then falling asleep again before my mind could understand why. I am guessing in hindsight I felt my waters break or the start of the real time contractions.


I was suddenly awake, and on my knees, gushing fluid onto our lovely memory foam mattress. Without the mattress protector. I declared to Jack several times that it wasn't pee- and asked if it was my waters. It definitely wasn't pee I kept telling him. He kept telling me to get up off the dam bed. I couldnt move. It wasn't pee I told him, repeating myself in shock.

I ran downstairs and was sat on the toilet when the first real contraction hit me. This was the big time. All those 'am I having contractions?' moments meant nothing compared to the pain I felt. I was suddenly a cripple, contractions coming every 5-10 minutes. We called the labour and delivery suite who told me to come in and check if it was my waters. Thank god for my insane packing and prepping- we had bags and taxi money and off we went.

I realise now it was a little over-zealous to have taken all our baby bags and overnight bags with us, it turns out they were only checking if it was indeed my waters and then sent me home to dilate further- after several hours of pain I was only 1cm. 1 goddam cm.


Most of the between getting home (I insisted on walking to near 2 miles because it would supposedly help my labour. Sorry Jack.) and returning to the hospital is a blur. I was exhausted and in severe pain, I was having back to back contractions for hours that I struggled to time. I didn't want to go back unless they would definitely let me stay and have the baby. I put off admitting I was in agony for hours until I finally gave in and we went back to hospital.

I was only 1.5cm. The stress and worrying and pain was stopping me contracting fast enough and as a first time mum it's a slow process anyway. I told them I was not going to leave the hospital no matter what they said and I was staying and please give me drugs.

It turns out I am quite sensitive to pethadine; within 15 minutes the posters were sliding down the walls like slugs and my hands were gone with the fairies. I slept for hours. Sorry Jack.

3/4/5pm?! Who knows I was on drugs!-

At some point, after chilling on pethadine and dazing in and out of a drug induced sleep, I was told I was 4cm dilated, I was in active labour and I was allowed up to the room I would be having Isla in! I was told I was low risk according to their checks, and was given a super fancy new-build room with an enormous en suite (handy to not have to leave the room to pee and vomit!), birthing pool and lots of bouncy balls and gadgets to labour on.

"This is the room our daughter will be born in..." -Jack

What would've been a magical moment was sorely ruined by a wave of contractions.

"Don't ***ing talk to me!!!" -Laboring Steph. Sorry Jack.

I spent most of the afternoon and early evening in the birthing pool, with my gas and air and pethadine and classical FM blaring. I didn't want to get out to be checked. It took them nearly 2 horus to convince me to get out the pool because I felt like I was going to poop myself and it could've been the baby.


It wasn't the baby. I couldn't get back in the pool. I was in too much pain to move. I was only 7cm dilated and they, of course, would not let me push. I demanded an epidural. I had to wait, and was told to use the gas and air. My contractions were now back to back and there was no break- and I wasn't dilating as quickly as they thought I would. I hummed back the G&A so much without a break that I found myself passing out into vivid hallucinations and I have the strangest recollections of broken images and the knowledge that I was, indeed, Kanye West's baby and they Beyonce was super disappointed that she wasn't my mum and I came around distressed, unsure of where I was and rambling that I had upset the queen of booty herself.


It turns out, they hadn't thought about the possibility of me having a big baby and the fact I wasn't contracting fast enough meant my risk level was getting higher. I'd been in labour for a long long time and something was going on with baby's heart rate- they didn't mention this at this point but I'm sure it's why they removed me from my swanky pad birthing room into a very medical looking boring room.

I was finally given the epidural. The man administering it kept asking me to shuffle. I told him I couldn't because of the pain. He was trying to talk to me and ask me questions. I ignored him because of the pain. He got annoyed and asked if I wanted it or not. I responded frankly that I couldn't listen because of the pain (in a much more volatile fashion, might I add.)

Sweet bliss. I felt nothing. It didn't hurt going in and I got a nifty little top up button which I was told to use once every 20 minutes- ahahahahaha they wished. I'd gone from an animal whose mood would switch every time I got even a tiny bit annoyed (I saw you texting mister Jack!) to someone who wasn't even acting like she was in labour!

Wednesday 13th May 2015; 12am-

So my contractions weren't dilating me. I was put on a drip to try and speed things up. The next two hours were a blur. I kept getting told off for drinking Powerade- but goddam it was getting to be thirsty work and I was exhausted.


The glorious moment came, I told them I wanted to push...and I was 10cm! Fully dilated! She was on the way! My energy suddenly roared back into me, and I was told we would be doing an hour of practice pushing and then the real thing. I had my first go at pushing, and they made me stop. Isla's heart rate had plummeted as I had been pushing. We tried again and the same thing happened.

They asked me if they could put a probe on her, and we agreed. The next push, Jack said he could literally see the probe moving out of me. So much for practice pushes- the midwives were impressed!

Suddenly, people were rushing in- the emergency cord had been pulled for reasons I didn't understand. I was flipped onto my side and they put an oxygen mask over my face. They had lost Isla's heart beat and told me to stop pushing (easier said than done...). After a minute on my side it appeared again as if nothing had happen. They decided I should push on my side.


I will tell you, pushing on your side with your knees around your ears is really not the most comfortable or easy thing to do. But it was working. I had to swap sides a few times when her heart rate played up but she was coming out like no-ones business and within 15 minutes she was crowning. I couldn't believe it- so much for the practice pushing! Jack had a look and they let both of us feel her was the most incredible feeling. I kept my hand on her crown and pushed again, feeling her move from inside of me. I could do this!


After only 10 more minutes of pushing, I felt her come out of me. I can't put into words for you how this felt, she was finally here. She literally flew out as I pushed so hard.

We sat and waited for her to cry, but within 30 seconds of her being born we were suddenly surrounded by around 6 new people,- doctors and midwives responding to the emergency alarm again. A resuscitation unit had been bought in and we still hadn't heard our little girl make a noise. No-one would tell us what was happening, and a woman stood in front of me trying to distract me so I wouldn't panic. I still hadn't seen my baby.

I asked Jack why she hadn't cried. He couldn't find any words.

Eventually, after around 5 minutes, we heard the sweetest most relieving sound in the world. She croaked and gurgled.

So at last, we were given our sweet baby girl. She had to spend some time on a monitor and they kept taking her away from us and giving her back for a few hours, but it was precious time and despite what was going on I was happier than I have ever been in my life.

She was perfect- and she still is. She had low cord gasses and low blood sugar- so she had gone into shock. She had to have a lot of tests and was taken away from us for a day and we still aren't sure what happened at the end of my labour.

After a stay in the neonatal unit, lots of blood tests and worries she was declared healthy and we took our little princess home on the Friday evening.

I have never felt more whole.

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My Favourite Films

By 7/17/2015 , , , ,
I have hugely varied and strange taste in movies. It makes picking a film for the evening with Jack impossible; he's the Rocky to my Lord of the Rings. I always thought I had pretty good taste albeit sheltered and quite I'll let you decide- here are my favourite movies!

    1. Harry Potter film series

I have always had a huge love for Harry Potter. I remember reading the books when I was tiny and being so excited that the films were coming! They always seemed to come out near Christmas for the first few and having a December birthday it was always the treat I wanted- a trip to see the newest film! I've loved being able to grow with the actors and actresses and as the movies matured, the generation of kids watching matured as well. It's my firm favourite, and I managed to get my mum to watch all of them- the next challenge is Jack!

    2. Labyrinth

I can remember watching this film on VHS when I was way down in the single digit years. It wasn't until the DVD age that I was re-introduced to this masterpiece and fell right back in love with it. The style of puppetry and the way the world has been created always fascinated me and I can't pretend I didn't (and do) have a massive thing for Davie Bowie in those leggings! The songs are all crazy catchy and I have several memories of singing them with my younger sister over and over again in the back of the car. Sorry Dad.

    3. Peter Pan

My favourite would have to be the original animated version that Disney produced (although not the poor sequel, and the live action ones aren't bad I suppose...). I find it hard to put into words why I love this film so much- I think it's the magical aspect of a good and proper Disney film, the charm and style that a lot of their later movies have lost. I guess the concept of a place where you can go and not have to grow up and face adult life was appealing to me as a youngster- plus, I've always wanted to fly.

My teenage bedroom wall- can you tell I liked Peter Pan?

    4. The Notebook

Yes- dispel the fantasy magical films, I actually am a romantic at heart! Not only is hunky Ryan Gosling in this film, and not only is there a warm yet tragic backstory sure to bring tears to even the driest eyes in the house- this film has everything a romance needs. Literally everything. Kissing in the rain- making out after an argument, cheesey lines that everyone will repeat even though after watching in ten times it still doesn't make sense 'If you're a bird, I'm a bird' (Why is anyone a bird?!). I did make Jack watch this film with me. I was excited for the twist ending, assuring myself it was going to break him and he'd have a sniffle with me. He guessed it in the first 30 seconds.

This list doesn't even begin to sum up the movies I adore, it's simply a top four to give you a taste of who I am and what I like! I'm sure being a mum I'll never get to choose what film we should all watch once Isla is talking, so I have to enjoy them while I can!

What are some of your favourite films?

Steph xo

You Baby Me Mummy

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Baby's First Holiday- Haven 2015!

By 7/16/2015
I've always been a massive fan of the English coast- seaside holidays and camping were a big factor in my childhood and it seemed like every year I would head to Hunstanton, Great Yarmouth or somewhere likely to be cold and wet to waste my money in the arcades and most definitely not catch a tan.

With this in mind, I was super excited when Isla's Nanny and Grandad booked a static caravan at the Hopton Holiday Village in Haven, Hopton-On-Sea. Isla would be turning 2 months old during the trip and after 8 weeks of late nights and not really going out, me and Jack jumped on the chance of a nice long weekend away with the family!

Being the over-worried planner that I am, I spent around 3 days making lists of things to pack and then another 2 days packing them- and another hour checking over and over again that I definitely had everything for every possible scenario. I never anticipated how much junk you'd have to take with you when holidaying with a tiny baby- even a 2 month old baby that sleeps through the entire holiday waking only to squint a little at the sea and demand food and attention! Bizarrely, minus the ridiculous amount of nappies and wipes I thought we might need, we actually did use everything at least once.

We stayed in one of the larger static homes, which slept eight. There were six adults which muddled themselves between the rooms and the living room and two little ones- Isla and her cousin Albert who is turning two soon. There was a lot of room for everyone to sit in the lounge and the dining room and kitchen area was bigger than my kitchen at home. The caravan was nice- albeit a little cramped if you were all trying to get up and down the corridors, but to me it was a place to sleep and relax a little- the real pull for me was the complex and the beach!

Being a true British seaside holiday, I didn't expect much from the weather or the beach (and neither did Jack who insisted he wouldn't need suncream or- if I forced him, higher than factor 15). We took a little wander down to the seafront at high tide on the first day and despite a little wind the sun was blazing and Jack stripped down and went for a swim. A long swim- quite far out. I was not impressed when he waved happily every time I demanded he swim back to shore because god forbid he drowns and leaves me to do all the night feeds on holiday!

Way too far honey!

Isla went down in my new baby carrier- there was no way I was lugging a pram across the sand but like babies do, she slept all through it and was yet to discover the wonders of the sea...

That night after dinner, I did something I never expected I would be confident enough to do- I went somewhere without the baby! Fair enough it was less than 100 meters away to the arcade, and I had my phone, and knowing my ears I would probably hear if she started crying from the 2 minute walk away. But I did it- much sooner than I thought I would. So me and Jack hit the arcade for around an hour and spent far too much money winning tickets for prizes worth less than the money I shoved into the coin slots like a monkey mechanically picking at its mates fur. It was a blast. It was a cheesey seaside activity. It was something we did several times over the weekend.

We spent our two full days between the beach and the complex, and on the Sunday we took a rainy trip to the golden mile on Great Yarmouths seafront. The beach on Saturday was lovely, Isla shade-bathed and slept the entire time and was so reluctant to be awake that I had to prod and poke her to eat something.

"Mum, I'm sunbathing- I'm far too relaxed for milk!" 

That afternoon, we headed into the complex when outdoors was getting too hot for the little ones and took Isla swimming for the first time! We'd been given permission from her GP to take her now she'd had her first jabs and she loved it! She's always been my little water baby, she loves her baths- and she kicked her legs and I tried to encourage her to stop drinking the water. It's got me so excited to take her for the infant lessons at my local pool!

 On Sunday, we had a greasy but tasty breakfast at the complex, then we headed to Yarmouth and had a few rainy goes on the funfair rides at the pleasure beach, ate a ton of candyfloss till we felt sick and meandered along the front looking at all the tacky but brilliant souvenirs.

Far too wet, far too fun!

For the Saturday and Sunday nights, Jack and I decided to brave the entertainment in the complex. To say it was tragic is a little harsh, but it was what we expected from a British seaside holiday. Now I'm not saying it was rubbish, it did make us laugh and we didn't walk in and walk right out so something must've sparked our interest- on the Saturday there was a band performing #1 hits from the past years, and on Sunday there was a movie quiz (I knew the answer was Chicago Mrs Holiday Rep who shook her head at me and told me I was wrong!). It was 5* entertainment but after a pint (my first since having Isla so it went right to my head!) it was enough to get us giggling and a nice way to spend the night.

It was mine and Jack's first holiday, my first holiday with his family, and Isla's first every holiday in her life. It might not of been Spain or Egypt or somewhere super hot and fancy, but it was a really fun experience and we did what we could to jump in and make the most of it no matter how rainy or silly it was! 

Bring on Butlins 2016!

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Life Update

By 7/14/2015
I'll admit when I first started writing this blog, I thought it'd be easy; I thought I'd be able to find the time to write, and make it interesting till the end of pregnancy and beyond! Little did I know how much time a newborn takes up! So here is a little update for you all to get me back into the swing of things!

Our beautiful little girl joined us on the 13th May 2015. We named her Isla Grace, and she decided to come into the world a little under two weeks early. Despite being early, she was a chubby 8lbs3oz so all my fears of having a large baby would have come true had she been born on her due date or gone overdue!

2 days old

The labour itself wasn't as bad as I had anticipated once I had sufficient pain relief; before that it was a whirlwind of curse words, being unable to stand OR sit, and general unpleasantness. Once I had the pain relief? Sweet bliss that I can barely remember and the strangest dreams about Kanye West... I'll be writing my labour and birth story in more detail soon!

Isla is now a massively grown up 2 months old. I am aware that 2 months old is still classed as tiny tiny newborn baby barely even a functioning human- but she has changed so much and grown so big that it really does feel like she is growing old before her time. I guess it's what a lot of new mums feel, and because it is flying by I am making the effort to take each day and make it a day to remember. I don't want to miss a thing.

2 months old

It's been a crazy journey, changing from this free person in her old highstreet flat; going out into town and getting drunk with her boyfriend. Getting up with him and just going on trips whenever they want because she has no ties other than work- to this person who is suddenly responsible for a whole other person and has to shape her life around this tiny being who can't even talk to say what she wants!

It may sound like I'm complaining but I wouldn't change it for the world. Isla is literally my life- I feel like the whole early 20's late teens nightlife and adventure side of me is done- sure I still like to go and have fun, but I want to shape my fun around Isla now! It's insane how much your perspective changes when you become a parent.

I'll say the only negative thing going on for me right now is my body image. Of course I just had a baby so I'm saggy in all the wrong places and a little frumpier than normal- I had expectations from the stereotypical article in the tabloids about so-and-so losing her baby weight in just 2 weeks!!!!! that I would be skinny and active in no time. I'm the biggest I've ever been and despite losing a lot in the first few weeks, I've been stuck around 12 stone for the last month and a half. I'm hoping that now I've been given approval to be more active after my stitches, I can get exercising and shift the baby weight!

My aims for the next month:

- Take Isla for her first swimming lesson
- Lose 7lbs
- Home cook as much as possible and cut down on the takeaways
- Read three books (I've started re-reading the Abarat books by Colin Barker)
- Go for our first meal out with Isla with us

Hope you enjoyed reading this little update :)
Steph xo

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