36 Weeks Pregnant

By 4/23/2015

From premature-pre labor at 31 weeks, irritable uterus and bed rest, decreased movement and constant CTG monitoring, to bi-weekly scans to keep an eye on this big girls size- the past six weeks have been extremely stressful and busy in this house. I've been working on a post trying to explain everything that has been happening and how I feel about it for a while now; keep an eye out, and thank you to everyone who has sent me messages and wondered how I'm doing and where I have been. 

So I'm 36 weeks pregnant tomorrow! It's insane how fast it's come around to me nearly being full term; in a week baby girl will be ready to come out at any moment without any problems and after the weeks I've had recently that's a major sigh of relief.

How far along: 36 weeks

Weight gain so far: Right this moment I have no idea; I last checked around 3 weeks ago and I'd totaled around 23kg altogether. I'm feeling heavier by the day so I'm sure it's a lot more.

Maternity clothes: If it isn't maternity it is definitely not going to fit. I can barely even squeeze into Jack's t-shirts and he's a whopping 6ft man- I've even outgrown my shoes thanks to super swelling of my feet. Joyous!

Stretch Marks: My little handful of lines has erupted; apparently under my belly button in the land of skin that I haven't been able to see without a mirror for the past 2 months has rippled into an imitation of decorative lawn pattern. I'm not overly bothered by them like I thought I would be; they will fade in time and each mark is a sign that baby girl is growing quickly and strongly!

Sleep: Hahahaha. Sleep. I miss sleep; I've gotten myself into an unfortunate routine which involves falling asleep well past midnight, having a broken hour or so maximum between each bathroom visit, and waking up at 9am and feeling tired for the rest of the day only to be unable to fall asleep again come bedtime. 

Food cravings: Ice ice baby! No not a cheesy cover of a classic Bowie/Mercury song. I literally crave ice. I can cry if there isn't ice or some form of ice lolly in my house when the craving hits. I'm not sure if this is related to my iron deficiency or if it's related to the hot weather; I'm not thirsty, and it is nothing to do with the flavor. I crave the crunch; how the crunch feels. I have a preference for the slightly crushed ice in KFC or thin ice chipped with a blunt object. Mmmm so satisfying. 

Labor signs: So I went into premature labor at 31 weeks. I will elaborate on this subject later; oddly even though it's been over a month and I'm still pregnant and everyone is healthy it is still a sore subject for me to talk about and was extremely traumatizing to experience. Since then my there are next to no signs and I've been fine; baby girl is currently 4/5 palpable meaning a fifth of that big head is engaged in my pelvis. This is likely the cause of me nearly wetting myself all the time and feeling as though I'm walking with an orange trapped between my thighs. Braxton hicks plague me and I have noticed them increase over the past week and they are slightly more intense (I can actually feel them now rather than just a sense of tightening) but as far as I'm aware there is no imminent sign of popping out this melon.

Super Busy Mum

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  1. ah such a exciting time for you being so close to meeting your daughter! im not pregnant but even i now want a ice lolly after reading this lol
    good luck with everything x

  2. How exciting is this post! Will this be your first little one? Thanks so much for linking up #MMWBH x