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By 3/18/2015

This morning I logged into twitter (as I seem to do at my first waking moment every morning now) and saw that I'd been given a 'Liebster Award' nomination from the lovely Kelly over on A Toddler and a Broken Foot! I'd never heard of this award, but after some reading I decided it is a great way for new bloggers like myself to integrate themselves into a community and gain more readership! Mostly I was just pleasantly shocked that someone actually made an effort to read and remember my blog!

So here are the questions as asked by Kelly for me to answer:

Where would you like your blog to take you?
I'll be honest and say I never really put much thought into this type of question until now. I obviously intend for my words to be read- isn't that the hope of anyone putting their thoughts onto the internet? I also want to make friends and feel a part of a community of people going through the same parenting and pregnancy journey as me

What album are you listening to right now?
I rarely sit down to listen to a full album, so I'll just say I'm repeatedly listening to 'Just Give Me a Reason' -Pink and anything Disney related on Spotify.

What is your favourite type of takeaway?
Chinese! I always order exactly the same; Chicken chow mein, boiled rice, and chicken & sweetcorn soup!

How would somebody close you to describe you?
If Jack was at home right now I'd ask him but I can guess what he would likely say. He says I'm a caring person and that he's impressed with how I handle serious situations. He also likes to point out that I get weird around small fluffy animals and that I am very much not lady-like.

What can't you miss on TV?
There aren't really any programmes that I watch on a regular basis or would be gutted to miss! I stream most of my TV on Netflix. When I used to watch Glee I couldn't miss a single episode and I do find myself watching all the episodes of American Horror Story as they come out.

How often do you check twitter?
I only got twitter when I started to blog back in February, but I do check it at least three or four times a day. I know I use it a lot less than most people and there are days when I forget completely.

If I could go on holiday anywhere in the world right now, where would I be?
If I could go anywhere, I'd probably go on a nice beach holiday for a week. Even somewhere simple like Spain! I'd ideally go to Disney World but being nearly 8 months pregnant it'd be a wasted trip and I wouldn't be allowed to fly that far for as long as I'd need to go on every ride anyway!

What was the last film you saw in the cinema?
The Theory of Everything. I fell asleep for the last twenty minutes. I hate people who fall asleep in the cinema- it's the most expensive and wasteful nap ever, however pregnancy had fully taken over me by this point.

What was the last concert you went to, and when?
I went to see 'Sleeping with Sirens' way back in the end of 2013. We have been to see them both times they have toured the UK and sadly I'll be popping out baby-girl for when they come back this year- I do however think my rock concert days are beyond me now.

How long have you been blogging for?
I really don't think my years on tumblr count, since the blog page I had was private and more of a diary that no-one ever saw. I've been using this blog since the middle of February which isn't long at all but I think I'm learning fast and I really do enjoy it.

Three things you can't live without?
My other half Jack- he literally is my life and everything I think or feel seems to revolve around him. I've been blessed with his company and wouldn't change our little lives together for anything. I haven't even met my daughter yet but I already wouldn't trade her for anything, she completes me in ways I couldn't put into words. I finally, probably wouldn't survive without the internet- it sounds sad yes, but it's an outlet for me as well as entertainment and an easy way to communicate and meet people.

My Nominations:

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My Questions for you!
1. Why did you decide to start blogging?
2. What do you love & hate most about blogging?
3. If you won £1,000 what would be the first thing you buy?
4. How would you describe yourself in three sentences or less?
5. Name one thing you would never change about yourself?
6. Tell us your most embarrassing memory?
7. Three things you couldn't live without?
8. Your favourite quote?

The Rules:

Thank the person who nominated you & link back to their blog
Answer the questions above in a blog post
Nominate at least 10 blogs with 400 followers of less for the Liebster Award
Ask some questions of your own
let your nominees know you nominated them

Thank you Kelly, and to those I nominated- I look forward to reading your posts!

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  1. Hi Stephanie! I loved reading this post and to get to know you a bit more deeply...! Also, thank you so much for the nomination! I will answer your questions as soon as possible! I will let you know once the post is live! :) x

  2. Great answers! We've both been blogging since mid Feb. Hope the last month before baby is a good one x