Dear Mum; Mothers Day

By 3/16/2015

 Dear Mum,
I'm writing this for you this mothers day; my last one before I am a mother myself. There are so many things I wish I could find the words to say now that I'm experiencing the whole parenting thing myself; and the simplest way I could find to say it is 'thank you'.

You've done so much for me over the past 22 years. 

You've sacrificed lay-in's to make sure me and Jamie were up and fed and ready for school- or to watch Wonkey Donkey on SMTV with us.

You put up with my temper tantrums when I was a pre-teen...a adult...and to this day!

You've always made sure I know you're proud of me- you're my personal cheerleader.

When we were younger and we'd tell you (normally at the last minute) about a school mufti or themed disco you'd throw your free time aside and make us fantastic costumes; remember the fox and cat masks? Or gluing tin foil stars to that black dress so I could be a wizard?

You've always been the best shoulder to cry on. Even as an adult you've been the person I call first, and the person I know will listen to me. I'd throw my concerns at you and you'd always make me feel better even if it was just through bitching about old boyfriends with me as a teenager, or giving me genuine advice as an adult. You never seemed to mind that I wouldn't ask how you are afterwards; I'll ask more often.

If it wasn't for your education in the kitchen and emergency advice every time I text you about a meal, Jack would be living off frozen meals and super noodles for the rest of his life.

Thank you for nagging me. I may have protested it a lot, and I still do- but if you didn't do it I'd be a lot messier, and a whole lot less organized. 

You've given me some of the best memories of my life- do you remember making fart noises in bed at Great Gran & Grampy's house? T4 On the Beach? Or just staying up to sing along with the moon in Moulin Rouge?

You're not just my mum- you're one of my best friends. As I grow and learn to be a mother myself, I can finally understand the love you have for me and how special it really is. 

Thank you for being my mum, I love you.

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