30 Week Pregnancy Update

By 3/13/2015

Oh god. 30 Weeks pregnant. The countdown has officially begun!

That's not to say the countdown hasn't already been going on for a mind numbing 7 months already, it just means that after today I will be 9 weeks 6 days left- single digit weeks baby!

It really is crazy to think that in like 6-7 weeks little sprout will be classed as full term and honestly could come any time over the next ten weeks and survive the big bad outside world...

This past few weeks hasn't been short of issues though, and it's safe to say I'm very quickly becoming tired of pregnancy. On top of being told I have SPD (pelvis problems and pains!) I have been classed as quite anemic, and potentially diabetic!

How far along: 30 weeks

Weight gain so far: A whopping 20kg! Oddly I still fit in all my clothes except for the waistband of jeans and t-shirts severely stretch over my stomach; all the weight gain has been in my butt boobs and belly. I'm not going to complain!

Maternity clothes: Yes for jeans and dresses, I either steal a top from Jack or just layer stretchy vests under my old tops to force them to cover my stomach.

Stretch Marks: A handful on my milkbags and some tiny red marks have subtly snuck their way onto the side of my stomach that I can't see anymore. Sneaky devils.

Sleep: What is this thing you refer to as sleep?! I do sleep; however it takes me hours to fall into a decent sleep and I wake up like three times to use the bathroom.

Food cravings: Ketchup, lettuce, milk and cucumber.

Labour signs: None. Baby girl is head down permanently now, but her head isn't engaged so I can still feel her feet in my ribs every waking moment! I get a lot of braxton hicks but nothing real and probably not for a long while!

So this week I had an appointment with the midwife; it was a follow up from an OB appointment last week. Anyone who follows me on twitter will have heard that at 28+3, baby girl was measuring 30 weeks on my fundal height. Now they did tell me that it could be a lot of water, and that unless it is a consistent thing for her to measure ahead then I don't have anything to worry about. They considered sending me for a scan that day to see if my stomach was just full of lots of waters with a normal size baby; I figured I'd measure big anyway since everyone I meet (including other pregnant women) can't believe my size for how far along I am.

According to this app, baby is around the size of a cucumber...So so wrong!

So at the midwife, I was 29+6 weeks pregnant, and she measured my stomach again and it had shot up to a whopping 33 weeks! Another midwife came over to measure several times and after moving her hands all around as though she was pushing baby, she again got a 33. Then again. Then again. I smiled and joked that she was a mammoth already but they had a more serious attitude to it.

They said that there is enough water in my stomach but after feeling around for ages they could tell that it was all baby for the size issue; she is weighing in around 5 and a half pounds already! She's so big she's already head down and unable to turn herself around again (so at least I don't have to worry about her being breach...)

I'm being whisked away next week for a gestational diabetes test. Farewell cake and sweeties should the results swing that way (and considering I have also been told I am anemic, if I have to live off no cake and all vegetables for the next ten weeks I will pull her out myself not be happy!)

It's exciting to think how big she is already, but it also puts the thought into all our minds that she might make an earlier appearance. My original due date was the 4th May, and after an early scan this got pushed back to the 22nd May- I found this hard to believe since the ultrasound technician got a different gestational age every time she wiggled the camera with the differences being up to a week per wiggle, and ever since the 20 week scan baby girl has been measuring 'ahead'! 

Maybe I'll get to meet her earlier than anticipated, or maybe she is going to be a porker and all the newborn clothes will go to waste.

Did you measure ahead with any of your pregnancies? I'd love to hear your stories!
Thanks for reading, Steph xo

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  1. I have gestational diabetes as well and few week before I gave birth I am injecting insulin on me. I know the size of my baby as I would get some scans for me to send my husband. Exciting times for you =) #binkylinky

    1. Fingers crossed I'm given the all clear after my GTT! I can't stand injections let alone giving them to myself! You must be brave :) thank you for taking the time to read and comment xo

  2. my eldest was born 2 weeks late weighing 10lb 11oz, and none of the midwives had thought he would be so big (im quite small so it was a shock) they had to check his blood sugar and my other pregnancies I had to have the GTT test and growth scans, but the other 2 weren't so big. Hope you get on ok with everything #mummymonday

  3. 30 weeks!! Officially into the countdown period! Thank you so much for linking up to #MummyMonday hope to see you again tomorrow!xx