The reality of pregnancy so far.

By 2/11/2015

So I thought I was going to be all clued up about being pregnant as I'd done so much reading and learning during my childcare course in college. I took a deep breath and was confident that I knew all about the different symptoms and side effects and how to handle them- it was going to be simple!

Boy was I wrong....

The first thing I have learnt from this pregnancy is: 
Every woman is different, every pregnancy is different, and the books do not tell you the half of it!

I'm going to break this post down into the essentials I thought I knew, and then the reality I have experienced.

1. Morning sickness will have me keeling over the toilet every morning dramatically while my other half runs to the shop for crackers and soda water
So obviously the first little sign women have in the books and movies is morning sickness. The sight or smell of a certain thing can send a mother to be rocketing into the bathroom; I guess I'm either ridiculously lucky or abnormal, but I did not have morning sickness. I can recall around three occasions over the past 6 months I have felt a little woozy or sick, but they can all be accounted to allergies or general sickness. Lucky me I guess (and Jack who got to eat all the ginger biscuits we had bought in preparation!)

2. During scans, I'll shed a tear and look lovingly up at my partner with eyes glistening, what a wonderful moment!
Okay, so they are wonderful moment, but for me as I had early scans the big reality for the first two were "Oh god we have to leave but I didn't shave my legs..What if they want to do a trans vaginal scan?" and not so pleasant technicians being unfriendly and rude to both me and Jack. The earlier scans were relieving amid potential problems, but not the best experience for either of us. The later, scheduled scans however were wonderful and I did shed a tear or two...for around two hours after each. I was an emotional wreck, which brings me to my next point...

3. I'll be a little crabby, but apologetic as my mood swings come and go. Cue the chocolate and tissues during this weeks episode of 'One born Every Minute'!
Let me tell you know, the knowledge that I might have some mood swings and be a bit hormonal was not enough to prepare me for the uproar that left myself and Jack nearly strangling each other. I was an animal. I can't even tell you how some of our arguments would start, all I know is I was angry and sad and annoyed and happy and everything mixed into one and the fact that we are both alive and happy today is nothing short of a miracle. The only advice I can give anyone with hormones jumping as wildly as mine did, is walk away. Calm down. No matter how annoyed or upset you are, you'll be fine in 20 minutes if you just stop and take some time to relax. Oh and the whole chocolate and tissues thing? That is totally true for cute/sad TV programmes or emotional moments in movies. It is also true to any advert with a cute animal that just 'looks sad', or the moment when you realise you didn't really want to share your chocolate bar, you were just saying it to be nice!

Honestly I could write for hours on all the ways the books lie about what pregnancy would really be like for me, but I'm sure the topic will come up in more posts, so I hope you enjoyed this little taster for now!

Happy reading!
Steph xo

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