Nesting in pregnancy: Am I going too crazy too soon?!

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So you'll read in all the books about this little pregnancy phenomenon called 'nesting'. When I first read about this I literally envisioned myself cleaning the whole house from ceiling to floor e.g. preparing the nest for my incoming bundle of mess and dirt (seems a little like a wasted effort right?)

Now I've never been the tidiest or most organized person and I'm sure Jack would happily back that fact up... little did I know that nesting was going to hit me a lot harder and sooner than I ever expected.

Hang on- let's not get ahead of ourselves, I haven't been happily whistling away as I dust behind the radiator and polish the skirting boards, but I have had an overwhelming sense of "Oh god I am not prepared, I want to prepare everything right now!"

Unfortunately for Jack, myself, and my bank balance this means I have the strongest desire to buy everything, build everything, and plan everything. If I had my way we would be in Mothercare every weekend comparing prices, colours, reviews and efficiency of every product in there and then buying all of it in one, to be set up in a single weekend only to gather dust as we still have three months until baby girl is due!


So as we are approaching the third trimester in a week, and wanting to start preparing more actively (at last!) we are finally decorating our nursery! We are currently renting so wanting to keep the decorating as calm and simple as we can. So far we have opted for a pastel pink/sorbet colour for a feature wall and then off white for the other three walls- this of course will all eventually be accented with white furniture and shelving/pictures/hanging features. With the help of Jack's lovely dad and step-mum this weekend, we will be on our way to the simple yet adorable nursery of my dreams!

Clothing, toys, and just about everything I can buy!

From the get go of finding out I was pregnant I have wanted to buy clothes, toys, and everything else they shrink in size and brand as 'For your baby!'
Tiny shoes, tiny ribbons and everything us normal sized folk wear that has been made in miniature- it's a genius ploy by companies that works on weak mothers to be like me. It's small, it's baby sized so she must need it right?! 
As I await the purchase of bedroom furniture to organize and hang all her clothes in (and between myself and her Grandma Holiday, she's set for an outfit a day for 3 months) I have taken to unfolding and folding her piles of clothes, organizing them in bizarre ways that change every week and generally just cooing over how sweet she is going to look.
 It's a strange habit that I don't even have for my own clothes, and never really expected- I guess it's my own way of nesting and judging by how much money baby clothes sell for, it's not just me who experiences it!

My Hospital Bag

Now this is the area I am most confused. I am 26 weeks pregnant today- I have 14 whole weeks till she is due to make an appearance and it is recommended you have your hospital bag ready from week 34. That's another 8 weeks away! 
My nesting urge has apparently chosen to once again ignore the often repeated pregnancy guidelines set out by the book and I have had to start buying little things here and there just in case.
'Just in case!' really is the theme I use to convince myself that what I am doing is normal this early, and as I scampered home with my travel size bathroom products, new flannel and adorable hanging wash bag, I kept telling myself that it needed to be bought just in case, my own pregnancy shopping mantra!

In all honesty, I don't think there is such thing as being over prepared, or starting nesting too soon. It feels good to have this desire to be organized for the first time in my life, and as I sit researching and making lists, I convince myself that I am ready to take this all on and succeed as a mother!

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  1. You sound just like me when I was pregnant! I was exactly the same! Thanks for linking up the #BinkyLinky