28 Weeks Pregnant!

By 2/27/2015
Being pregnant is a lot like being a newborn baby...

I am crying but I do not know why.
My memory basically does not exist.
Now I need the toilet again...
I'm actually quite hungry-
There isn't enough room in my stomach for all the food I want so I'm crying again.
Don't cough too hard I might wet myself!
Now I'm sleepy but god help me I can't stay asleep more than 30 minutes. 

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Pregnancy is gross.

By 2/18/2015

Now I'm noticeably fat enough to be pregnant, I'm being plagued with questions about it all.
A lot of the questions are the common ones you might expect to receive;

Do you know what you're having?
A human, as Jack likes to respond.

Does she kick?
I'd like to hope it's her taking up boxing on the entrance to my foofoo and not something severely wrong with me...

Do you get cravings?
Now this one is odd. I do have cravings. I crave chocolate, ketchup, fruit, yogurt... But people are never satisfied with my answer, apparently I'm not bizarre enough for them and they'd like to hear something far more exotic... 

But really back to the point of this post. Pregnancy is gross.

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Valentines Day; Frankie & Benny's

By 2/16/2015

This year was myself and Jacks first ever valentines day together! I was woken up (at the very unromantic and early hour of 7:30am) to a card and a heart shaped balloon, and an apology that his other deliveries hadn't come in time...so it looks like I'll be getting more romance in the weeks to come!

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Nesting in pregnancy: Am I going too crazy too soon?!

By 2/13/2015 , ,

So you'll read in all the books about this little pregnancy phenomenon called 'nesting'. When I first read about this I literally envisioned myself cleaning the whole house from ceiling to floor e.g. preparing the nest for my incoming bundle of mess and dirt (seems a little like a wasted effort right?)

Now I've never been the tidiest or most organized person and I'm sure Jack would happily back that fact up... little did I know that nesting was going to hit me a lot harder and sooner than I ever expected.

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By 2/11/2015
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The reality of pregnancy so far.

By 2/11/2015
So I thought I was going to be all clued up about being pregnant as I'd done so much reading and learning during my childcare course in college. I took a deep breath and was confident that I knew all about the different symptoms and side effects and how to handle them- it was going to be simple!

Boy was I wrong....

The first thing I have learnt from this pregnancy is: 
Every woman is different, every pregnancy is different, and the books do not tell you the half of it!

I'm going to break this post down into the essentials I thought I knew, and then the reality I have experienced.

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