Family Meal Times

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Before Isla was born, we were always guilty of being sofa eaters. We had a tiny living room and a tiny extra room that barely held a dining table for two, so we'd often eat our dinner chilling out on the sofa in front of the TV.

Even though I did this as an adult, I was bought up different- phones weren't allowed, the television was off and we'd all talk about our day and chat as a family. Of course I was a little terror and would always talk too much and not eat (sorry dad) but it was the family dynamic that made meal times so special and taught me my current table manners.

We decided once Isla was old enough to stay up and eat dinner with us, we would try to instill the same values we held and aim to eat dinner together at the table as often as possible.

Of course, on nights where we are eating something late or Isla is struggling to stay awake we can always pop her in her highchair and let her eat something quick- the HiPP Organic tray meals are a life saver in these situations. The HiPP Organic tray meals are healthy and nourishing with just the right tastes and textures to encourage the progression to family foods and you can find them here (look out for Isla's favourite "Zoo Animals".

Falling asleep, but still able to eat all her HiPP Zoo Animals!

Now Isla is getting bigger, we feel confident feeding her what we eat and all sit at the table together. It's refreshing to focus on each other and make conversation (again, I still talk too much- sorry Jack!) and we hope that by starting these rituals early, Isla will carry them for years to come.

The team over at HiPP Organic has been doing some research into the topic of family meal times and released this information for me to share with you as part of their wean team:

"Research conducted by HiPP Organic, exclusively for the Wean Team, has found that when it comes to family meal times, almost 90% of parents say that eating together as a family is very important. Despite this, only 25% actually manage to sit down and eat dinner together 1-2 times a week. The British roast dinner came out as a firm family favourite (42%). Curry (15%) and pasta dishes (13%) also topped the list as a much loved meal."

This information speaks to me a lot- while I do hold family mealtime as high importance, it is also not always possible for us due to routine and working hours. Plus- who doesn't love tucking into a roast? Isla has always been so great when we head to a family members house and everyone loves seeing her sitting at the table like a proper part of the group and eating the same as them.

What're your thoughts on family meal times, and how does the research above reflect on your own ideals? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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Bloody Soft Play.

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Once your little ones hit that glorious age of toddling- or if you're especially brave, crawling- you might find yourself tempted into the lovingly named world of "Soft Play".

Softplay- the name itself brings your imagination into overdrive. Picture an idealistic center for you to let your little one run free and exert all that excess energy that has had them up at 3:00am singing you the song of their people and throwing every piece of bedding around their cot.

The truth is far from the dream.

Soft play is a battlefield that the inexperienced parents find themselves running from with children grappling the buggy for safety, nappy bag trailing and dragging (over something sticky) in a wild bid for freedom.

Children and toddlers under the age of 1 will get in for a few meager pounds- lie about their age for as long as you can. Pretend they can't walk. Pretend they are just weeks shy of that first birthday... unless you're willing to shell out an arm and a leg.


Socks are a hygiene requirement which is fair enough. But on a rainy day when your toddler is yelling for PLAY and you cant be arsed to drag them around muddy park full of teenagers...your socks will hide.

Your children's socks will be thrown off every 10 seconds on the walk/drive to soft play. Your own socks? The only pair (if you can even find two that match) will undoubtedly leave you hiding your feet in shame, because you know that perfect mum from baby group will see your scatty toes poking out in a bid for freedom and that is just so embarrassing.

If you've made it this far- prepare yourself for throwing your child in to the lions pit. Under fours only in the toddlers section? Forget it. The lockable pen is the perfect area for other mums and dads to throw their sugar intoxicated ten your olds without a passing thought for your just learning to walk little darling.

Playing? Or hiding for her own protection...

Yes I'm that mum. I'm the tutty frowny mum who will shoot daggers at you if you're THAT parent who lets their kids run wild without a passing thought for the littler kids safety.

The coffee is weak, the drinks are full of sugar, everything is covered in snot and dribble stains and the air con never works.

But even after all this, in a few months time you'll forget the nightmare and think how much fun it will be to take your child to the soft play. You've been warned.

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HiPP Organic's NEW Baby Care Range (& GIVEAWAY)

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I have something super exciting to share with you today...

I've been having to keep my lips sealed about it for weeks now and I'm so pleased to be part of the team testing it- HiPP Organic have developed and produced a whole new range of baby care products!

We've been trying them out for the past week or so and are absolutely in love with them!

The new baby care range is 100% ‘Free-from’ nasties with ultra-sensitive, no tears formulations and includes;

Goodnight Baby Bath

Not only does this product smell gorgeous (sandalwood!) it is the perfect companion for any bed time bathers like my Isla. The soothing smells and soft bubbles make me half tempted to get in myself before bed after a busy day chasing a sticky toddler around.

Foaming Hand Wash

Toddlers are notouriously sticky even when kept in the middle of a clean floor. The hand wash comes in an adorable duck dispenser bottle (with refills available) and is ideal for teaching the afore mentioned mess maker to wash their hands and have a little independance with being clean.

Head to Toe baby Wash

Nothing beats a good head to toe wash when you have a baby who was a baldy like Isla. There wasn't always a need for shampoo and a product that does it all in one will always be one of my mummy favourites for Isla and future babies!

Baby Shampoo

I've said it before and I'll say it again, nothing is better than a soft baby head of hair. Isla's locks are finally growing and this shampoo has been specially designed to ensure it is gentle on both her scalp and hair (and being no tears means no tantrums when we rinse!)

Nothing is better than baby skin and of course, that super soft snuggle after a bath. With sensitive baby skin in mind, HiPP have specifically developed the new bath time range to be free from anything sensitive skin doesn't like; and to minimise the risk of allergies.

As another plus, all of the new bath time items hold the ‘no tears’ stamp so there is less worry about getting it in Isla's eyes as she wiggles and splashes (they sure are slippery when wet, right?)

HiPP Organic’s free from baby care range is available exclusively at selected Tesco stores from 6th September, and you can head to the HiPP UK website for more information on their NEW baby care range now:


For a chance to win a selection of the new HiPP Baby Care range, follow the actions in the widget below, and be sure to use the hashtag #bathtimemoments when tweeting or sharing!

HiPP Organic Baby Care Hamper

I received the range of HiPP Baby Care products as part of their blogging wean team. All photos are my own, as well as opinions.

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An honest guide to changing a toddlers nappy.

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Oh the days when Isla was a sweet tiny baby who simply cooed at me and laid gently on her changing table during nappy changes.

This post is an ode to our brand new carpet, clean hands and happy baby during bum changes.

Times change when your toddler decides they would much rather be free as the day they were born. 

No mummy, a nappy is not necessary anymore.

1. Inform toddler that you think they need that botty changing. Hear a "No" in return as they suddenly realise how desperate they are to play with anything on the opposite side of the room. Escape number one.

2. Ask toddler nicely to come and lie down and collect your supplies.

3. Ask again.

4. TELL them to come and lie down.

5. Wrestle the toddler down to the ground and politely ask them if they'd like to help by holding something.

6. Duck, as that something is thrown right back at you.

7. Unbutton, unfasten and rip their way too complicated to be counted as cute bottoms off of them.

8. Toddler rolls over and stands up- escape number two.

9. Once re-positioned, get that nappy off as quickly as possible while ensuring their hands are occupied- why are they so desperate to grab that poopy nappy from underneath themselves?!

10. Reach for wet wipes. Fumble with awkward stick down lid. Toddler rolls over and attempts to crawl away. Escape number three.

11. Frantically wipe while they wiggle. Forget that gentle pat down you once gave your newborn- your new carpet/changing mat are at stake here!

12. Open Sudocrem pot. Toddler sticks hand in Sudoecrem pot. Sorry carpet. 

(We've made the switch to the Sudeocrem Care & Protect tubes! They're cleaner and easier to use, and offer the same protection as a protective barrier cream.)

13. Attempt to wrestle toddler into a new nappy while they do their best impression of a kangaroo with their legs. Loose straps?! Good enough!

14. Forget the trousers. The trousers are not important anymore. 

15. Toddler will probably choose to poop as soon as they are clean. Repeat step one.

Seriously though, the point of this post is to say that their are a few ways you can keep both your floors and sanity the way they should be- clean and happy!

We recently switched to Asda Little Angles- First Pants. At first I was reluctant, as I thought they were only really suited for toddlers moving into potty training and I didn't think they would hold as much overnight as a normal nappy. 

Since trying them, our nappy dance has greatly improved. Isla can stay standing up (as long as it isn't a huge cleanup) and occupied with a toy or book, and then we simply pull another one up and let her waddle off to whatever she was doing before. They have even held out overnight and we've made a permanent switch to them.

We've also found ourselves saved when changing somewhere challenging- I've been to venues without baby changing facilities and had to lay her on a jacket on the floor, so not clean! Now she can just stand up and we're done in seconds.

For older kids the fun comes in with the cartoon logos (who doesn't love a bit more Peppa Pig in their lives?).

Disclaimer: We received samples of Asda Little Angels: First Pants and Sudeocrem Care & Protect in exchange for this post. We honestly love using them both. All words and opinions are my own, as well as photos. 

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